Date: 22/11/2018


Yes, Hindus are the only people on earth who do not react to defeats and degradation as one would expect. Muslims have been invading and killing Hindus repeatedly and continuously since 712 AD. The invaders were from Arabia. They did what comes naturally to Mohammed! They killed all the royal (extended) family, sent the ruler's two daughters as gift, one to the Caliph in Bagdad and the other to the Imam of Islam's holiest mosque in Mecca.

Thereafter invaders came from Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan who treated the Hindus worse than animals. Yet NO retaliation, no response and never a counter attack in all those centuries since 712 AD!

Muslims had occupied much of southern Europe but the Greeks, the Spaniards and the Bulgars threw them out, though taking centuries to do so. But the Muslim INVADERS stayed put in India, married and converted the natives and swelled their own numbers.

Right up to now the Hindus are at the receiving end. The worst unconditional surrender, accepted without a murmur, came in 1947, when ONE THIRD OF INDIA vanished from the map and became Pakistan. Though the Muslims slaughtered TWO MILLION "infidels" in the same year, there is NO resentment among the Hindus. After Partition the Muslim population in Partitioned India has swelled unchecked. Only a very few Hindus have realized as to what is in store for them (re-occupation of the entire country by the Muslims accompanied by mass slaughter, rape and conversion), the masses are "cool", busy with own families.

One draws the conclusion that centuries of slavery have deteriorated the very genes of Hindus. As a result freedom and slavery are the same to them. Otherwise they would have fought for territory and prevented Partition, they would have insisted on expelling all the Muslims in lieu of Land surrendered (not a few square miles, but one third of India!) and they would have banned Koran in Partitioned India.

Among the lands surrendered to Islam unconditionally in 1947 was the SIKH "homeland" in West Punjab. The Sikhs, in their millions, were wiped out in West Punjab just like the YAZIDIS in 2015. Any elderly Sikh will be able to recall the fate of their lands, homes and the holiest of gurdwaras captured by the Muslims (their fellow citizens!) in 1947.

Being 1.5 % of the population, the Sikhs depended on, and looked towards, the Hindus (85%) for their survival in West Punjab. But in the event the Hindus, too, fled their lands and homes, suffering massacres and losing their daughters in their thousands, without the FELLOW HINDUS in the rest of India taking note of their plight and retaliating!

Since 1947 the Indian governments and the Hindu leaders have gone SILENT over Partition (the unconditional surrender of territories to the Muslims) which amounts to shameless "denial" of Hindu Holocaust. It makes one really angry with the cowardly nation.