Date: 26/11/2018

2018 03:12



I happened to tune in Channel 777 of my Sky box. It was an Urdu channel. There I saw a drama being played with the title “AMRIT & MAYA”. (7.30 p.m. June 3, 2018).

I became curious to see a Sikh and a Hindu name of the girls. But the script underneath shocked me. It read, “This story is about two step sisters who fell in love with the same guy. The story develops into a complicated love triangle… “

I read the cast. They were Shameer Khan, Sabahat, Rashid Farooqui, Hina Razvi and Yasir Ali- all Mohammedan! NOT ONE A HINDU OR SIKH!

I felt anger & rage going up my throat. “Bloody bas*ards! They chose Sikh and Hindu names for girls who have no idea of life under a Khan or an Ali who will convert them to Islam and then force them to live like a slave, or “one in FOUR”, according to Sharia Law!

But why did the producers choose the non Muslim names of the girls competing for the love of a Muslim? Are their patents dead? Could they not find lovers from OWN native communities? Did they never hear of "bloody" Partition? And why the girls’ names were not Ayesha, Abida or Zainab who all fell in love with a Hindu or a Sikh young man?

It seemed despicable continuation of the practice followed by Bollywood studios during “Hindu bashing” Congress Party's rule.

The practice of “mesmerised Hindu maidens and macho Muslim masters” MUST end at once. Who is the Home Minister of Bharat?

And nothing better than to see films coming out of Bollywood showing Muslim girls pining for Hindu lovers!

We must end the tradition of Mogul times when it was IMPOSSIBLE to see a Hindu marrying a Musalmaani. Today even the era of “dirty” NEHRU is long past. Let the Hindus recover self respect and safeguard their IMAGE. Let the Hindu girls be encouraged to REJECT outright the advances by Muslim groomers and seducers. Hindusthan's very survival depends on enforcing this rule!

Today, Sunday June 3, 2016, I tuned into Channel 4 TV news in the evening. The main item was the Memorial Service in Southwark Cathedral, London, to remember the EIGHT innocent people who were murdered by Islamic terrorists exactly a year ago.

Eight people died when terrorists drove into pedestrians on London Bridge before stabbing others. It is a year since the terrorists launched a bloody attack on London Bridge.
The Prime Minister, Teresa May, said, “the fact that seven of the eight victims came from outside Britain - from France, Spain, Australia and Canada - was 'a reflection of our great cosmopolitan capital, whose energy and values bring together people from across the world.” We would point out, "Dear prime minister also please note that SEVEN other countries are mourning and grieving and cursing Britain's inability to keep the "Islamic devil in the bottle"!
A senior counter terror police officer has warned there is still a "very significant security threat" facing the UK.
A NEWSPAPER HEADLINE TODAY (June 3, 2018) in the “Sunday Telegraph” published from London:
Extra 1,000 spies to bolster Britain’s security against Islamist terrorism.
By Steve Bird.
SUSPECTED British Jihadists will be monitored more closely and convicted terrorists given longer prison sentences as part of a package of counter-terrorism measures to be unveiled tomorrow.”
QUESTION: If Great Britain will employ ONE THOUSAND spies to bolster her security against ISLAMIST terrorism, HOW MANY THOUSANDS will PARTITIONED India have to employ to ensure the safety of her unarmed secular peace loving Hindu citizens living from Kanya Kumari to Srinagar?