Date: 26/11/2018

Congratulations to all for the open access to the historic gurdwara at Kartarput. We are all grateful to government of Pakistan to grant this concession after over 70 years since Partition. But the irony is that Kartarpur was supposed to be in Sikh Kingdom. So why the credit to Pakistan?

That Sikh Kingdom was a legitimate State created by the Sikh warriors who were native to Hindusthan.

They were replaced by the “Firangi” British who were invaders. Their occupation of Punjab was illegitimate and they had to vacate possession eventually and depart for England.
Why did the territory not revert to its legitimate owners, that is, the Sikhs?

During 1940’s negotiations were taking place for granting Independence to India when the Muslim minority, well motivated and well united, took advantage of the power vacuum, and struck a lethal blow to India, capturing FIVE provinces to establish the Islamic rule where they formed majority. The new fundamentalist Islamic State was called Pakistan. However, it was not a legitimate State for two reasons: (1) India was meant to be a secular State where people of various religions and faiths lived side by side. It was wrong to take out a part and impose Islam on all the people there. (2) Those vast territories, nearly one third of India, were surrendered without resistance or referendum. The country belonged to PEOPLE but they were not consulted. Hence Pakistan was, and is, an illegitimate State. And since its foundation was laid in bloodshed (two million innocent citizens slaughtered within weeks) it is 100% EVIL.

Finally, it must be said that India would have emerged as whole from Khyber Pass to Chittagong, had the Indian leaders been loyal to country and people. One, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, was a “fox”, the other, MK Gandhi, a “goat”. How could they stand up to a “wolf” (the Indian Muslims, ably and resolutely led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah) and a “lion” (the Imperialist British)?

Nehru being the biological son of a Muslim greatly facilitated the surrender of vast territories, both in the East and the West, to his “Faith brother” Jinnah, and let them keep North Kashmir, too. Our hopes for “Akhand Bharat” were pinned on Gandhi alone. He foolishly “eliminated” our real hero Subhash Chandra Bose, but appeased the intolerant separatist Muslims, acting as the stooge of Jawaharlal Nehru.

The writer can clearly recall the pre-partition India under British rule. There was order and peace in the country where the lion and the goat could drink water from the same trough simultaneously.

Now the readers can see as to why the Sikhs are thanking the rulers of Pakistan for allowing them free access to the historic gurdwara at Kartarpur that stood within the Sikh Kingdom!
There would have been NO Pakistan today, occupying our mandirs and gurdwaras, degrading the Hindus and Sikhs alike, had the people (the natives) acted smart to throw Nehru in gutter and buried Gandhi, who vanished from scene after declaring, “India will be cut on my dead body!”, in “Samadhi”, but followed Subhash Chandra Bose or Sardar Patel to victory (full Independence).