Kashmir solution in sight

Date: 20/05/2013

Re: For info - Kashmir solution in sight

The Editor

Sub:- Thank God – At last, Kashmir solution in sight !

Dear Sir

In consequence to my letter ‘Interview of Yasin Malik in Pakistan
media’ which was published in J&K media too at
http://www.scoopnews.in/, I got response from a J&K - NGO (JK Youth
Development Forum Srinagar) that they are willing to carry out the
project (the mission, which I expected from Yasin Malik) for
unification of Kashmir.

Farooq Ganderbali on behalf of JK Youth Development Forum has
communicated to me as given below in response to my following letter
hence I will be reaching Srinagar (J&K) and from Monday May 20, 2013
we shall start work on this mission with grinding speed.

JK Youth Development Forum email May 15, 2013 - “[Received you mail I
will discuss about your mail with my friends of our organization and
shortly call you back. - Farooq Ganderbali]”

My response - “[Though I have already mentioned most of the points in
my letter ( which was for Yasin Malik) but for your convenience I am
enumerating some of the points which you may keep in view while
discussing with friends and colleagues of your organization:-
(1)- The success of to-be-launched India level political party by you,
your friends and colleagues (may be with name ‘Youth Party of India’
which will contest elections OR through your organization ‘Youth
Development Forum’ which may be converted into National Label NGO
which will support candidates in 2013 J&K etc elections and 2014
parliamentary elections too) will mainly depend upon three issues if:-
(i)- Party works for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits with the help
of people from rest of India (especially Hindus).
(ii)- Party shows mirror to Indian Military (through public meetings
in entire J&K and in about ~ 600 districts of India) that they are
showing ‘bravery’ on Indian citizens in J&K (even through Armed Forces
Special Power Act) but has no courage to take POK militarily, though
Pakistan 1/6 th of India’s size tried so 5 times (in 1947, 1948, 1965,
1971, during Kargil and through on-going proxy war).
-- Here Party need not bother that what will happen if India tries to
take POK militarily (with likely conflict between two nuclear powers)
for the purpose of unifying Kashmir. Because there are people and
countries (USA & its European Allies and other world powers like
Russia, China etc) that will take care of its ramifications. Otherwise
also the last word on India’s partition is yet to be written.
(iii)- Party gets justice to Indian Muslims regarding reservation,
Babri – Masjid demolition and Gujarat 2002 massacre (which will
enlarge party base in all the States tremendously by getting huge
number of members from Muslim community from all over India)
(2)- But it will boost the credibility & support base of the party
among all the Indians immensely if :-
(i)- Party promises to work also for protecting the Human Rights of
Indians as well of illegal immigrants (who, as per media reports, have
infiltrated ~25 to 40 millions in N-E of India mainly from Bangladesh)
by asking their native country to take them back (after identifying &
tracking them) with penalty OR by other means including by demanding
commensurate territory and / or exclusive mineral rights etc from
Bangladesh in order to sustain them on Indian soil by making them
Indian citizens (after imposing reasonable fine on them).
(ii)- Party also promises to use profitable employment guarantee
programs (especially of States) to solve (apart from problem of
unemployment in entire country) the problem of ‘Naxalite Terrorism’
which has infested one third of India.
(iii)- In the wider interest of Human Rights of the citizens, the
Party also promises to work not only for the realization of other
international covenants including against corruption, black money etc.
but for restoring the sanctity of currency (A)- by moving Supreme
Court to get unconstitutional ‘Fiscal Responsibility and Budget
management ACT’ repealed which has resulted in public debt much more
than the security of consolidated fund of the governments and which is
in violation of Article 292 & 293 of the Constitution (B)- By
organization mass protests in all the States to constrain their
governments (after moving Court) to refuse to pay their illegal huge
public debt which has been incurred illegally beyond consolidated fund
of these governments under the pressure of ‘interest-earners’ (Usurers
the ‘Soodkhor’)
This political paradigm you, your friends and colleagues may discuss
and amend too as you all deem proper – Hem Raj Jain]”.

JK Youth Development Forum reply May 16, 2013- “[This is in reference
to your mail received yesterday. Matter already discussed on phone.
Today a meeting of General Council of this Forum was called in this
regard. All members rendered their consent and willingness to work
with you on the Project in question. It is my pleasure to convey you
that we are cordially willing to work on your project. We are here
waiting for you in Srinagar Kashmir. We will give full support to your
project and provide necessary requirements – Farooq Ganderbali]”.

It does not require a genius of political science to understand that
this offer of JK Youth Development Forum (and with the likely
cooperation of most of the people of J&K / India) is bound to lead to
Kashmir solution for the simple reason that for the first time in 66
years some well meaning Kashmiri Muslims (and their NGO) have come
forward to emphatically, categorically and effectively demand that
India should retrieve POK militarily from Pakistan for the purpose of
unification of Kashmir (which is the only solution to vexed Kashmir

Also spirited willingness of JK Youth Development Forum to work for
the rectification of fundamental martial deficiencies related to union
& civil deficiencies related to States (which have debilitated the
country to such an extent that it is not in a position to solve any
other problem of India) through various writ petitions in High Courts
/ Supreme Court of India and through political activities, process,
agitations and movements all over India as mentioned above shall
restore the spirit of true Federalism in India (hence unprecedented
peace and prosperity in entire country), where martial matters shall
be with Union and all civil matters with States

Yours truly

Hem Raj Jain