Is India’s government undermining its military?

Date: 27/11/2018

The answer to the question in subject line is "YES"!

A country's survival depends upon its core ideology or collective mindset. We have TWO extremes before our eyes: a "sadhu, sant" or mahatma on one side, and the blind faith in Mohammed or Hitler on the other.

The former are open invitation to INVASION or AGGRESSION (as we saw in 1947 when India emerged greatly reduced- limbless and headless) while the latter completely ruin the quality of life of their own citizens by denial of freedom of expression, intolerance of the others and (segregation and) suppression of women as in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria. None is ignorant of the fate of Hindus in West Punjab (1947), the Yazidis (2015) and the six million Jews (1940's) as per ideologies of Mohammed and Hitler. And the whole world saw India's worst ever defeat and the unconditional surrender of one third of her territory to the followers of Mohammed in 1947.

The role models of State vs. armed forces to be commended are the democracies in the West, e.g., the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

A plea to Shri Modi: Will the beloved & much respected prime minister in New Delhi replace the bust of Gandhi in his office by that of Netaji (Azad Hind Fauj), Field Marshall Maneckshaw (conqueror of East Pakistan) or Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who captured KHYBER PASS after defeating the Afghans? Under Gandhi's leadership India suffered the worst ever defeat in history.

From the day when even Khyber Pass was surrendered unconditionally to the enemy, Gandhi's bust ought to have been used by the army for TARGET PRACTISE at the firing ranges!

There are also historic and legendary figures from the past that would inspire the natives to become brave to take on any enemy, whether within or from outside. Sri Krishna’s encouragement to Arjun at the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Sri Ram’s invasion of Sri Lanka, Shivaji’s brave resistance to the Moguls, Guru Gobind Singhji’s exemplary heroism, courage of Gen Hari Singh Nalwa who captured Khyber Pass and even Martyr Baba Deep Singh who held his severed head on the palm of one head while holding the sword in the other had to kill the enemies. The bust of any one of them would be appropriate in the office of the prime minister of PARTITIONED India if the natives of soil (Hindus) wish to retain what escaped “Partition” in 1947!

Gandhi hated the man with knife or gun. He loathed violence even in self-defence. He was pacifist to the point of surrendering everything, including Life and LAND to avoid bloodshed! He couldn’t have condemned & rejected the Indian armed forces more openly than by sticking to his “AHIMSA parmo dharma” till death!

By Laws of Nature the brave men of Army, Navy and Air Force, too, had contempt for Gandhi who was, and is, perceived to be the MOST DEMORALISING factor in their lives. To inspire the men to fight bravely they need brave role models like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singhji, Subhash Chandra Bose, General Hari Singh Nalwa and Gen Zorawar Singh and so on. NONE WILL EVEN MENTION “GANDHI”!

Only then will the balance between Civil & Military be restored to the state of good health in "Partitioned Indian Secular State" with the country's borders slicing through Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab. Bharat desperately needs a new Constitution that replaces ideological vacuum by “SHAKTI” (force), placing SPIRIT & MOTIVATION (mindset or "KAMPFGEIST") on top.

Finally, to inspire the armed forces the Government must show courage and bravery and carry out a public "post mortem" of PARTITION (a taboo subject right now) and abolish Article 370 that treats the State of Jammu & Kashmir SEPARATE from the other States.

Keeping the control of the armed forces in the hands of dull & compliant "bunyas & baboos", and “denying” Hindu Holocaust (PARTITION) is a sure invitation to lose Delhi, too, after Lahore, especially when Partition was accepted without carrying out total TRANSFER OF POPULATIONS.

A ruling establishment (government) that cannot see the difference between FRIEND and FOE, and is suspicious, or afraid, of their own armed forces, is simply taking the country to the next disaster.

27 Nov 18.