Date: 29/11/2018

Dear patriots,

The following thought occurred to me and I wish to share it with you. Kindly offer your comment.

Modi went to Pakistan and touched the feet of Nawab Sharif’s mother. He neither asked Mr Sharif to grant open access to Katas Raj Temple for the Hindus, nor to undo Partition and thus revert to Akhand Bharat to ensure permanent peace on the sub continent due to free and open access to ALL the mandirs, masjids, churches, synagogues and gurdwaras from Kashmir to Kerala, and from Khyber Pass to Kohima.

Navjot Singh Sidhu, on the other hand, went to Pakistan and without touching anybody’s feet he obtained the concession of free access to the Gurdwara at Kartarpur Sahib to the joy of the Sikhs as well as all the followers of Guru Nanak Devji.

How to evaluate the “Pakistani Yatra” by these two men in historic context?

30 Nov 18