Date: 07/12/2018


Negative reaction is of the weak, insecure, scared or the jealous. In human race they are like the jackals.

None but Mr Navjot Singh Sidhu, a brave man, a bridge between feuding Hindus and Muslims, between warring India and Pakistan, stepped forward to open the way to the historic gurdwara, treading the minefield of hate and suspicion.

“They are killing our soldiers in Kashmir!” shout the ignorant fools who do not accept the Truth that Kashmir dispute was perpetuated by Jawaharlal Nehru when he declared “cease fire” and then enshrined Article 370 in Constitution to ensure, till eternity, the separate status of the State! The “goats” have found a scapegoat – Navjot Singh Sidhu!

Even the BJP government could have repealed Article 370 by now or corrected demography! But NO! Such a healthy step is impossible for the “goats & jackals” who are ruling Partitioned India. But why blame the Sikhs who neither surrendered North Kashmir nor East Bengal? SHAME on you dishonest cowardly lot!

73 years have passed without this joy of free access to Kartarpur Sahib for the devotees of Guru Nanak Dev, and 700 years more would have passed in sighing, sulking & wringing hands, had Sidhu not stood up like a "lion" and ACTED, instead of mere talk and talk, wind and gas.
The BRAVE act, the rest get busy with commentaries and criticism- perhaps to justify INACTION, perhaps out of jealousy, perhaps because “grapes are sour”! Those who make a DIFFERENCE to the quality of life are the ones who ACT while the others only talk- that does not move the world forward even an inch!

Now Sidhu has done his bit. The BIG CHALLENGE is still open to HINDUSTHAN, that is, to dissolve Pakistan through persuasion, NOT nuclear weapons, and recreate the “Akhand Bharat” of 1947 to which apparently Gandhi was committed, which Nehru BETRAYED! How come, we see their names celebrated all over? Why "Gandhi Marg"? Why "Indira Gandhi International Airport"? And why "Jawaharlal Nehru University"? Does it not prove that for the race of “sheep & jackals” traitors & criminals are patriots and heroes?

Proof enough that the HINDUS are still slaves, fully reconciled to Broken Bengal, Partitioned Punjab and Divided Kashmir! A nation without self-esteem, without sense of honour, without dignity does not feel the shame of the crushing defeat & colossal territorial surrenders of 1947.

Hindus have a LONG WAY to catch up with the Muslims who captured one third of India on ONE day (August 15, 1947) and the Sikhs who captured Khyber Pass after defeating the Afghans! And that will be the day when the Lok Sabha, the PRESIDENT and the PRIME MINISTER of “Broken Bharat” (the “sheep & jackals”) discuss the legality and legitimacy of "PARTITION", the WORST EVER DEFEAT & SURRENDER IN INDIAN HISTORY- over which the nation has been asked to FORGET or SHUT UP!

7 December 2018