Date: 11/12/2018

My dear HINDUS:
You have no idea that you will be COMMITTING SUICIDE if you vote for THE PRESENT Congress at the center.
As an example, for several years, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress were trying to bring a bill that would make Hindus the most horribly tortured slaves of Muslims and Christians in history, worse than even Aurangzeb times. They could not pass the bill due to opposition then but would pass in future if Hindus do not wake up. What answer would you give to your loved ones, children and the next generations? Sorry, I was sleeping.
The bill is effective going all the way back to 1950. Very conveniently, the bill is not applicable in J&K as Hindus are minority there and will benefit.
For a detailed analysis of the bill, please see the Dropbox link at the end. You do not have to have the Dropbox to view it, there is a Web option when the link opens.
Some provisions are listed below.
Whenever, there are riots, it will be presumed that these are started by Hindus regardless of who started it. Only Hindus will be jailed with non-bailable warrants.
Any non-Hindu (Muslim or Christian) can bring a charge against any Hindu—without evidence and without revealing his or her identity.
• The accused Hindu shall have to be immediately arrested as all offences under this bill are non-bailable and cognizable. (Inquisition courts of Europe).
• This law can be invoked only by a minority against Hindus. (Islamic Ideology - Only Kaffirs can be guilty).
• The accused Hindu shall not be informed as to who has complained against him but the police have to inform the complainant about the progress of the case. (Only charges are made and heard, not who made the charge - Inquisition courts of Europe).
• A minority is not required to give any evidence to support his complaints against Hindus (Kaffirs). (Islamic theology and the Inquisition courts of Europe).
.. Within a month, the property of the Hindu will be seized and given to complainant.
.. A minority cannot be punished for making even false complaints/ statements against Hindus. (Islamic Ideology - As Kaffirs, Hindus are always guilty, Inquisition Court - The accuser is always right because the Pope is infallible.)
• A Hindu refusing to do business with any minority shall be immediately arrested [Sec 3 (f) (i)]. Taking advantage of such anti – Hindu laws, a minority can force a Hindu to sell /rent his property and even surrender his daughters to minorities.
• The occurrence of organized communal and targeted violence under this act shall amount to an internal disturbance in a state within the meaning of Article 355 entitling the central government to impose President's Rule. Easy way for Muslims to have a state government, they do not like, dissolved.
• Hate propaganda is an offence against minority community and not otherwise.