Date: 20/12/2018

Since 1947 the natives of Bharat have done everything to appease and please the Muslims who came as invaders in 712 and 1192 AD. The invades did two things promptly: they not only disarmed the natives but also brainwashed them to submit to their new masters like slaves & concubines, and acknowledge the superiority of the foreigners.

Deprived of “shakti” the Hindus turned to “bhakti” that was tolerated by the Muslims (later Christian) masters with a frown. For centuries the Hindus lived “at the pleasure of the foreigners” - first the Muslims till 1857, then the Christians till 1947.

At the end of World War 2, the colonial powers were made to relinquish their possessions and colonies and retreat to Europe. In the case of Bharat the WEAKNESS of the natives invited further AGGRESSION. That was the unconditional surrender of one third of secular India to establish ISLAMIC Pakistan. Being disunited and demoralized the Hindus not only accepted Partition but also the Muslims! In the entire history there is no example of such double collapse of a nation. Is this collapse acceptable or tolerable? Definitely NO. If not, then-

What must be done now?
Kindly suggest the way out of the present “living with Evil” and recovering all our territory up to Khyber Pass that was surrendered in 1947 under DURESS and BLACKMAIL, and without Referendum or a single Condition.

A Hindu's plea: It does not behove us to live like a defeated, humiliated, scared nation ON OUR OWN “DHARTI” (Partitioned India or Broken Bharat) under inferior Gandhian ethos of appeasement and surrender any more!

20 Dec 18.

PS: We expect the President of India (“Rashtrapati”) to come out of the dark shadow of fear & terror and stand in the sunshine of Patriotism and Truth, and then explain “PARTITION” (Frontier at Wagah instead of Khyber!) to his scared one billion subjects.