Date: 20/12/2018

Sir, the government is WEAK. A strong govt would have launched investigation into corruption and illegal foreign deposits by Dynasty. Rahul would have touched the feet of Modi in reverence, begging him to release Mother Sonia Gandhi from JAIL. At the same time he (Rahul) would have shrunk to the size of a rabbit.

It is law of Nature. If you let a corrupt cat off the hook, it soon assumes the size and stature of a tiger. The same applies to the Muslims in PARTITIONED India, too, who have never been told of "PARTITION" and what they did to country, Hindus and women. Hence now they are intimidating the Hindus in Bharat, not only in South Kashmir!

If Mr Modi does not "dispose of" the Gandhi bust in his office, or replace it with that of Shivaji or Netaji, then the whole Hindu nation might well shrink to the size of a rabbit, totally unable to stand their ground (save the remaining LAND) from the Muslim "wolves".

In politics Nature's rough and savage Laws apply. We did see "Brother" Jinnah BULLY Gandhi and carried off one third of India in a day! It's sheer common sense that we lost everything since Gandhi stuck to his "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" instead of yelling at the top of his voice, "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK. STAND UP TO EXTERMINATE THEM!"

How could India, professing to be Secular, then surrender vast territories to fundamentalist Islam? MIND BOGGLES at the cowardice and collapse of MK Gandhi, our TOP leader in 1947.

Only five years earlier Winston Churchill had used the same language after Dunkirk fiasco! We ought to recall as to who won in glory and who was WIPED OUT completely!