Date: 23/12/2018

23 December 2018.

Middle of last century was a remarkable defining moment in history. There was bloody CONFLICT in Europe and South Asia. In Europe the Allies, mainly the USA, France and the British Commonwealth and Empire, won the war while in South Asia it was the MOHAMMEDANS who defeated the Hindus in UNDECLARED CIVIL WAR and captured ONE THIRD OF INDIA overnight, of course with the unashamed help of the occupying power at the time.

The post defeat behaviour of Germany and India, the defeated powers, was in sheer contrast. Germany BOUNCED BACK, having wiped out the NAZIS completely whereas India emerged mauled and wounded and went under an anti national corrupt and treacherous (Nehru) Dynasty, that pursued "Divide & Rule" policies, and REMAINED a "coolie colony" for a further 70 years!

Germany achieved economic miracle ("Wirtschaftswunder") within seven years while India sank further into deprivation, lawlessness and internal unrest & revolts for 70 (SEVENTY) years, only to breathe some fresh air after the election of Mr Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

Today German products, especially cars and electronics are in great demand while "Made in India" is still "Make in India!"- a big difference in the level of achievement and trust in the quality of products.

Germany was partitioned into East and West Germany but the nationalist pull and patriotism united both parts in 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. In India, now lying wounded in THREE fragments, the hostility between Pakistan and India, or between Muslims and the Hindus has only sharpened with the fate of Jammu & Kashmir still disputed under Article 370 of Constitution that concedes special (contested) status to the State.

German borders were changed logically, leaving a coherent mass of land, whereas the borders in India became points of future conflicts since they are arbitrary, illogical and pass through the middle of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab separating people who speak the same language and share the same culture, customs, even the colour of skin, and belong to the same race.

In Germany there is NO vandalised church or one that is converted into a mosque whereas in India all the major historic temples of the natives, with strong religious association, are either RUINS or converted to mosques. People (HINDUS) go about with the affairs of their lives quite unconcerned even with the fate of the most important Temple (in Ayodhya) that now rests with the Supreme Court of India whose verdict is awaited keenly.

Finally we come to two historic buildings with strong association with the politics of the last century: SPANDAU PRISON in BERLIN and JINNAH HOUSE in MUMBAI. Following correspondence on the subject will be of interest. Please read on-

Wrote one patriot: "That Bloody Bastard and son of a Gun Jinnah's house should be Bulldozed. Do the Cowards of BJP have the BALLS to do it. NO NO NO."

Wrote another: "Instead of saying Do the Cowards of BJP have the BALLS to do it. NO NO NO ; say it the way it is, Do the Hindus Cowards have the BALLS to do it. NO NO NO.

“The Traitor & the Murderer of millions of Hindus /Rapes & forcible Conversion to Islam, the British Agent Jinnah's Bungalow at Mumbai : be Declared enemy property & acquired FORTHWITH. Do agree with you: neither BJP nor the Hindus have BALLS."

Yet another wrote: "This is yet another instance of total PARALYSIS of the Government (of India) at Centre. The other being stalemate in J & K State under Article 370.
Mohammed Ali Jinnah, attacked the land of his own birth, mutilated it in order to establish his separate fundamentalist ISLAMIC State of Pakistan on the soil of tolerant, democratic SECULAR Bharat.
While this is HIGH TREASON in the eyes of the whole world, the Government of India, under the spell of MK Gandhi, who always referred to the TRAITOR as "Jinnah Bhai", considers it a hallowed place, a sacred spot, and a former hero's residence before he shifted to Karachi to assume the office of Governor General of Pakistan. Then there is the ETERNAL terror of a Muslim suicide bomber, a "lone wolf", who could explode himself in Rashtrapati's bedroom at midnight!
Only a demoralized INFERIOR Hindu nation could maintain the TRAITOR'S house at public expense without consulting the people of Partitioned India! It is the "dog's" view of democracy where the rulers act unilaterally without bothering about public opinion, The tradition was started by another TRAITOR called Jawaharlal Nehru, who rejected the idea of Referendum before surrendering ONE THIRD OF INDIA to "All INDIA Muslim League", led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah in 1947. Nehru is said to have whispered to his closest friend, Maulana Abul Kalam, a fundamentalist MUSLIM, "Maulana Sahib, who consults the cattle?"

The question arises as to why our genes have deteriorated to such an extent that we -

1. Still accept that Partition without referendum;
2. Concede EQUALITY to the Mohammedans as per Constitution of 1950 DESPITE Partition;
3. Cannot tell between a friend and a FOE;
4. Maintain and preserve the House of history's WORST traitor as if it was a sacred place; and
5. Cannot raze it to ground to obliterate the memory of the traitor who attacked the integrity of his own country of birth, thus bringing the frontier down from KHYBER PASS to Wagah in the middle of Punjab.

Now let us see what the OTHER nations do to their Muslims:

1. Please read the press for the treatment of Muslims in CHINA that does not want the "Jinn to get out of bottle" to break up the country into fragments like Bharat.

2. Please read about the SPANDAU PRISON in Berlin where the senior German NAZI Rudolf Hess (26 April 1894 – 17 August 1987) was kept till his death.

Why was Spandau Prison demolished? ANSWER: There was fear that NEO NAZIS will make it a place of "pilgrimage" and come to visit the prison to lay flowers and wreaths in Hess's memory.
That EXACTLY is the reason as to why Jinnah House in Mumbai ought to be RAZED TO GROUND. We need to tell the world that the Hindus love the whole world EXCEPT THOSE WHO STAB OR MUTILATE MOTHER INDIA (BHARAT MATA) in the back.

Under pressure of history one can be sure that the Middle Fragment of India called Bharat, will not survive long in her illogical, absurd, humiliating and provocative borders. To see her decent eternal borders, please look at the Map of India a day BEFORE Partition! And please tell the President and the PMO what you see when you say "Bharat Mata Ki Jaya!" Where are the Wings and where is the Border?

23 Dec 18

PS: If the building is not to be demolished then it ought to be re-named "GURU GOBIND SINGH INSTITUTE OF STRATEGIC STUDIES". That will also be the guarantee of survival of the Partitioned India ("Broken" Bharat!). Of course two things are needed: 1. Patriotism and 2. Courage. We hope that Bharat Mata has both though the Lok Sabha may still be floating in vacuum with regard to PARTITION."