Date: 21/05/2013

IF "BROKEN" BHARAT IS IN A MESS, then are we leaving it to our grandchildren to sort out the mess? It seems the cowards' approach.

India is not only in a mess, but she herself is the disfigured, corrupted & chaotic mess!

It was ONE country that is in three fragments now. Let's call them Zone A (Pakistan), Zone B (Bharat, squeezed in the middle) and Zone C that is now Bangladesh. Why was India divided into three fragments?
Let's have the circumstances and the reasons in the open! Do the circumstances and the reasons remain unchanged or have they gone?

Can we face the question, "WHY PARTITION?" Can we discuss it in public? Can we demand to know the answer?

What was Partition supposed to settle? Has it settled anything? Why not?

Is it not common knowledge that the Hindus were wiped out in TWO parts- Zones A and C while the Muslims are still there, all over as before, and in all the three zones? That means the Muslim nation, called the SECOND NATION in 1947, is in tact, safe and rampant in all three parts while the Hindus are confined to only one in the middle with our territory gone and lands snatched away. What are the implications- civil & military?

Why do we accept that bogus PARTITION, the treacherous IMPOSITION on Bharat without Referendum or any mandate from the PEOPLE of INDIA due to collusion between the Imperialist Britain and the so-called "indigenous" Muslims in India in 1947 with the Hindu factor (voice) eliminated? Yes, how horrible to recall that the majority community, the Hindus, were made voiceless (dumb & deaf)!

Isn't it high time now, at last, to REPUDIATE the High Treason of Nehru and Gandhi and all the other barristers, stalwarts, Sardars & "netas" taking part in those talks over Partition?

What are the implications of having THREE constitutions, two Islamic and one (NOT Hindu, but) secular?

If the Hindus in our fragment are now too weak to take up the cry of "Akhand Bharat", why don't the Muslims, who are rampant in all three fragments and are not weak but stronger than ever before, cry out for a united secular India?

If the INDIAN Muslims now love Secularism then why don't they commend it to those in Pakistan and Bangladesh? And if they don't love Secularism then will the same situation not arise in the future that saw the slaughter of MILLIONS of innocent Hindus in the past? So, where do the Hindus stand? And where will the HINDUS stand if we don't remove the clouds of uncertainty and doubt overhead?

Now a reality check on the majority community: What is stopping them from-

Speaking up for Akhand Bharat? Is it terror? Then we should "kill" it or be killed ourselves eventually.

Rejecting Partition that was meant to reduce Bharat territorially and exterminate the Hindus in the TWO fragments of India?

Raising the historic Sri Rama Temple in Ayodhya? If it is terror then we shall keep the RUINS for ever.

Insisting on the repeal of Article 370 in Constitution? If we don't do so at once then sooner or later a few more timid Hindu chief ministers will muster guts to demand its extension to their States, too. Government of India cannot intimidate or terrify all of them by sending the army as they did in East Punjab (Operation "Blue Star" in June 1984).

Ensuring the safe return of Hindus back to Srinagar? If this is not ensured soon some cities in Bharat, too, will KICK OUT, or RAPE & KILL the Muslims there to achieve parity and gain self confidence. Hindu REFUGEES from Srinagar are, therefore, the future time bombs in large Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Defining the Muslims as aliens or enemies and banning the Koran in Fragmjent B? Those Hindu and secular "rats & jackals" who used to chant "Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai" while evacuating Karachi, Jehlum, Dhaka and Lahore, are long gone or DEAD. Today the "Shakti Ratio" of Muslim to Hindu is 2:1 and not 1:10,000 as in 1946 and 1947! Guru Gobind Singhji had raised the stake to 125,000:1 but he is not mentioned with affection or adoration either in the Lok Sabha or in "Rashtramata" Sonia Maino's social circles.

Opening the case of BOFORS commissin and making sure that a verdict is announced on the corrupt criminal(s):

Finally, if Salman Khurshid is secular despite being a Muslim then why can't Nawab Sharif and Imran Khan be secular in the same way? If the latter cannot be secular then how can we trust Salman Khurshid? Don't they read the SAME Koran, in the SAME language, facing the SAME direction in order to get the SAME "Kafir Killer/Converter" inspiration?

All the stalwart Britons, who enabled the goat and the tiger drink from the same trough in Akhand Bharat (when Khyber, Delhi and Chittagong were in ONE country) have gone but we do live in a great (though mutilated) country and should be aware of her greatness and feel proud of her civilisation and not be afraid to touch these questions.

Without satisfactory answers to these Bharat is in a mess and, therefore, the future is fraught with dangers.

Aren't we leaving it all for our grandchildren what seems too dangerous and risky to us to handle? If we do nothing about that giant lethal trap called "Partition", then our grandchildren will be put to sword and females abducted & raped like the Hindus in Fragments A and C. Can there be any doubt about it?

Can there be any justification in not undoing Partition if Muslims are to be seen at large in Bharat?

May 21, 2013.
PS: Let us pay homage to the brave TAMIL young mother who, on this day in 1991, punished Rajiv "Gandhi" for his Tamil killing expedition in Sri Lanka what no court can do with regard to his illegal, immoral and criminal Bofors commission as well as the inflammatory anti Sikh outburst on November 1, 1984.