Date: 27/12/2018

28 Dec 18. Re: Khalistan liberation force banned under UAPA | India News - Times of India


Logical outcome of pleasing and appeasing the MUSLIMS who were conceded PAKISTAN promptly, and then covering up the most humiliating surrender of history for which Gandhi and Nehru ought to have been tried for TREASON by the betrayed PEOPLE of India and then shot dead or hanged to death! And that is NOT history, if we recall the wide-spread massacres and the millions of refugees fleeing in utmost fear and terror in all directions!

Now will the COWARDS kill the Sikhs, demanding the SAME concession, but are helpless to defend themselves? If at all Khalistan is conceded, then what is the AREA of Khalistan as compared to the area of PAKISTAN (that amounts to ONE THIRD of India) conceded overnight on August 15, 1947?

Having said that one would like to give the reason for threatening and suppressing the Sikhs but "licking" the back of the Muslims by the Hindu nation: It is the nation's deep rooted collective INFERIORITY COMPLEX or SPLIT personality, due to suffering countless defeats and uninterrupted period of 1,000 years of SLAVERY since 1192, as follows:-

1. Khalistan will REMIND the Hindus of the HIGH TREASON of accepting PAKISTAN. Cowards cannot face the Truth. Surely none wants that! Partition must remain a taboo subject for the Indian slaves so that none can accuse barristers Gandhi and Nehru (and barrister Sardar Patel) of quick collapse instead of standing up to defend India and the holiest Hindu and Sikh religious shrines.

2. Secondly, there is the SUB CONSCIOUS fear in the Hindu psyche that ultimately India will be captured by the "manly" (brave) Muslims, who are increasing rapidly in numbers but not giving up on commitment to Jehad against the Kafirs, and then when Delhi, too, is lost like Lahore, the only place where the FLEEING HINDUS will find safety, will be Khalistan!

Furthermore, the demand for Khalistan shows how fed up some Sikhs are- with CORRUPTION, FRUSTRATING BABOO(N) RAJ, and lack of action over the GENOCIDE of 1984. Even the attack on Golden Temple was malicious to the extreme. That POLITICAL "WITCH" Indira Gandhi (who had converted to ISLAM and acquired the name of MAIMOONA BEGUM) was not prepared to concede minor concessions to East Punjab but went on to crush the freedom of expression. Indian COOLIE press excused her for declaring EMERGENCY but called her "Saviour of Bharat" and compared her to a goddess Indira, whereas what Bhindranwale was saying, was totally censored. He was crying for CLEAN, BRIBERY & COMMISSION FREE administration and a free & honest Judiciary. That's all, nothing else. But who has time to listen to his speeches? He was a first class reformer during the dirty dynastic dictatorial era of the cursed BROKEN (fragmented) Bharat.

NOT ONE SIKH YOUTH MUST BE SHOT DEAD for demanding Khalistan just as NOT ONE Muslim was shot dead for demanding Pakistan and just as NOT ONE Scot has been shot dead for asking SEPARATION from the UK. Sikh life is not dirt cheap. When Soviet Union saw that Eastern Europe was bent upon FREEDOM, she withdrew and new SOVEREIGN countries like Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia and Czech Republic emerged from slavery to full independence!

The COWARDS and LAZYBONES in New Delhi find it easy to use their MERCENARY army and police to fire on the unarmed civilian demonstrators, to kill. Their real challenge is to EDUCATE the youth, give them SKILLS to earn a living. Those who are demanding Khalistan have NO jobs, no vocation. They are all UNEMPLOYED, a reflection on the inefficiency of the Government. The only way forward for them is EMIGRATION (that millions of Indian resorted to), DRUGS, or create a POLITICAL cause, i.e., Khalistan- IN ORDER TO DIE.

Soon the time will come when people will unite, see through the game of the USELESS, INCOMPETENT THIRD CLASS, INFERIOR RULERS and then hang a minister for every youth shot dead by police or the army. If we do not see which way BROKEN BHARAT is moving, then we are IGNORANT BY CHOICE.

The Sikh youths in Canada and the USA heard of the Holocaust of 1947 from their grandparents and of the malicious army attack on Golden Temple, Amritsar, in June and of the GENOCIDE of the Sikhs in Delhi in November 1984. They have IDENTIFIED the real criminals for both man-made tragedies: the HINDU leadership of "shrinking & perishing" Akhand Bharat!

Looked from any angle, HINDUS are a rabble, disunited and divided- DISLOYAL to religion, (the most important Temple in Ayodhya is still a RUIN), DISLOYAL to fellow Hindus (none cared a damn for all the Hindu/Sikh refugees from Pakistan in 1947, and none cares two hoots for the HINDU refugees from Srinagar) and DISLOYAL to "dharti" (TERRITORY) the way they FLED Sindh, Balochistan, West Punjab (in company with the Sikhs), NWFP, North Kashmir, now even SOUTH KASHMIR, and East Bengal.

The fear is not unfounded that THE HINDUS WILL "DEFEND" DELHI AS THEY DEFENDED KARACHI, LAHORE AND DHAKA. Nuclear weapons are no more a guarantee of Delhi surviving a Hiroshima-like attack! Whoever strikes first, WINS THE WAR!

So please draw your own conclusion about those who have banned the KLF instead of providing activity, education and JOBS to the Sikh youths. Those asking for Khalistan (because of Pakistan!) may prove to be visionaries while the rest of us are ignorant or BLIND.

Finally, UAPA government must be told that the disenchanted Sikh youths must have a good reason that needs to be addressed. Sikhs are "related" to the Hindus UNLIKE those who are the descendants of the previous INVADERS. Sikhs are members of the family, not the ENEMY who captured Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka overnight!! The UAPA also ought to know that to kill even ONE Sikh is to make a big hole in the defence shield of Bharat itself.

Geographically, East Punjab, the Sikh homeland, has a unique strategic location unlike Bihar or Kerala State. Punjab has been the historic "KILLING GROUND" of Hindus through which all the murderous Mohammedan INVADERS passed in order to capture & crush Delhi! As a reminder there is the HINDUKUSH mountain, not far from Khyber Pass!

UAPA Government, dilly dallying in punishing all the criminals responsible for the Sikh genocide in Delhi in November 1984, will alienate the Sikhs at their own PERIL if they FAIL to address the Sikhs' grievances in a civilized manner!