Date: 27/12/2018


DEMOCRACY does not mean POLITICAL power perpetuated in ONE family, eg. NEHRU to INDIRA (MAIMOONA BEGUM) TO RAJIV TO RAHUL. In the eyes of the world the INDIAN concept of democracy fits only the CATTLE as NEHRU thought when he refused to consult the PEOPLE over PARTITION! Even Mahatma Gandhi said after PARTITION, "All-India Congress Party should be dissolved since there is no role left for them after the departure of the British and after the humiliating surrender of Lahore and East Bengal."

First challenge must be to change the CONSTITUTION for the changed (PARTITIONED) Bharat. Thereafter "All citizens are equal," will mean, in those families where women are required to hide their faces in BURKA the men, too, will also be required to wear BURKA, and if a man can say "divorce" three times, so will a WOMAN divorce her husband by saying "divorce" three times, and if the girls are subjected to GENITAL MUTILATION the boys too, will have it CUT OFF. That will be real equality under the new Constitution- and not as per the Book from the Arabian desert!

In the First Article we should see the borders of Akhand Bharat, not the borders of Bharat that is minus Khyber and Chittagong! In PARTITIONED India the Muslims must be declared "persona non grata".

The new Constitution for the “re-born new” warrior Hindus, should require the INDIAN Muslims to unite, in order to bring about the unity of the three fragments by dissolving Pakistan & Bangladesh, and take on the Mujahideen in Srinagar to enable the original inhabitants, HINDUS, to return to their homes.

If the new Constitution means mere "cosmetic" changes or mentions MK Gandhi & JL Nehru even once, then that will be no use. Bharat needs entirely new foundations to ensure the survival of the NATIVE traditions, culture and religions - and the Hindus (numbers already close to zero in Pakistan and B.D.)!

Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra, Sri Ram in Sri Lanka and the two little sons of Guru Gobind Singhji at Sarhind, should be the INSPIRATION & SPIRIT enshrined in the new Constitution of Bharat in order to put the country alongside the world’s super powers.

28 Dec 18