Date: 29/12/2018

On this earth there are over FIFTY Islamic republics under uncompromising anti Kafir ISLAMIC agenda (Constitutions) that follow, further, and promote, the Commandment of the KORAN to do "TABLEEGH" and "JEHAD". The rest of the world is either BUDDHIST or CHRISTIAN or Pagan, not forgetting the only one tiny but brave Jewish country ISRAEL. Where is a single "Hindu" country on earth? NOWHERE!

There used to be one impoverished Hindu Kingdom somewhere up in the high mountains looking towards, and up to, Hindusthan, what seemed to them to be a bastion of Vedic Dharma and an iron cast guarantee of their own survival on earth!

But what an IRONY! Hindusthan, in reality, was herself a "mutilated (partitioned) bleeding" slave colony under the suffocating grip of a ruthless Dynasty (Ideology: "Divide & Kill!") and the Congress Party of "Italy, Islam and the Hindu camp follower".

Nepal's eyes opened when it was too late. There went the Royal family and there went their Hindu Constitution, making Hindu constitutions EXTINCT on earth like dodo!

Hindus in general (collectively) may be "Gandhian" and COWARDS, but are we not intelligent individually? Are we not well informed of the enemy who captured our Lahore and Dhaka overnight? Don't we read the news of the increase in Muslim population by leaps and bounds while the Hindu population, by ratio, is decreasing and "dying"?

Surely we know the nature of Islamic rule that we suffered for long centuries until LIBERATED by another foreign force, the Europeans! Surely, we also know the nature of Islamic State whose latest contribution to the weal of mankind is the brutal extermination of the YAZIDI community on their own patch(land)!

Surely we know how the teachings of Koran can turn a human into a beast if we could recall the manner of murder of two little boys, 7 and 9 respectively in Sarhind on 26 December 1705, for refusing to embrace Islam! And can't we notice the Indian Muslims at "Moharrem" wailing, crying and beating their backs and chests for the two distant UNRELATED Arabs in Karbala, but not a tear shed for these two innocent little boys who belonged to their own country, culture and race?

And what about the daughters killed by their own fathers to prevent them being captured and raped by the followers of the "religion of peace", and the forced exodus of at least TEN MILLION Hindus (and Sikhs) from their homes in Pakistan at "Partition"?

And if our PAST is going to be our FUTURE, then does it need much intelligence to seek safety and survival by one of these two methods: 1. Violence either by military take-over, or by bloody Revolution; Or, 2. By writing a NEW Constitution.

Dear Hindus, which one will you prefer? Just remember one thing: When Islam descended on Sindh and West Punjab, ALL HINDUS, being KAFIRS, were legitimate for enslavement, conversion or extermination.

THIS IS NOW THE ONLY CHOICE before the "besieged Hindus" of PARTITIONED India perish finally: military take-over or a new Constitution. If we could neither defend nor recover LAHORE, the city founded by Luv, the son of Sri Ram and Sita Devi, there is no reason to be complacent about the dreadful fate awaiting Delhi under the current anti Hindu Constitution.