Date: 21/05/2013

Hindus must have a better understanding of our enemies, their characteristics, ulterior motives, deviant behavior, and political games By resisting mind manipulation we can maintain political power, authority and control.

Hindus can do this job more effectively, by obtaining knowledge and skills to resist mind manipulation. Muslims, Marxists, and Evangelists and pseudo secularists use imaginative ways in their efforts to "get over" our resistance. Their deception comes in many forms. They hire "psychological Warfare Experts" political manipulators to make Hindus act like Zombies unable to distinguish between reality and unreality, between friends and foes. For Hindus all religions are the same. All people act like human beings deserve to treated as equal. Are Hindu political leaders suffer from a virulent form of cognitive disorder? Our enemy deception comes in many forms. Verbal Deception (Lying ) Al-Taquiea. Our enemies and dis tractors never tell the truth. They also engage in situation deception--purposely to mislead Hindus and it is subtle and hard to spot. Resisting mind manipulation is possible only Hindus are serious about the nation, fellow Hindus and grab political power through participating in elections. The converted Muslims, Christians, Marxists and their cohorts are engaged in a psychological warfare against Hindus. Resisting subtle mind manipulation requires skills and political power.
Sometimes, Hindus fall victims to the mins manipulation and con games of Pseudo secular political leaders, Jihadi Muslims, converted Christians, Marxists and certain spiritual leaders. This may impede our our serious work and morale. All Hindu population suffers. Hindus should wake from the lethargy, denial, and act like descendant of a great community and get rid of corruption and Jihadis and manipulators from India.

NRI Hindus must visit India very often and educate our fellow Hindus how to resist properly and authoritatively. We should provide them true examples of mind manipulation and con games and the resulting consequences. Hindus are not aware of our Macaulay Education system. Hindus are not really aware such educational system are victims of mind manipulation by Corrupt political leaders, they are real victims of such educational system.
Pseudo secular Hindus have no qualms about becoming part of the con game. Our corrupt politicians frequently use innocent Hindus to get their way. Often, they have nothing to loose and plenty to gain.

Majority of Hindus are cynical, and negative and soft. They are naive, simple, tolerant, and compromise with our our enemies. These virtues are considered by our enemies as duplicity, insincerity and sings of weakness.

Hindu organizations in India and around the world must develop grassroots campaigns and encourage to get involved in their community, and work for India. Hindus have to stop being cynical and negative. Cynicism is the worst enemy of optimism .

-Dr. Babu Suseelan