Date: 31/12/2018


Today is the start of the new year, 2019. The young take new resolves and decide to give up bad habits. The old say, “Thank you God, for another year of life,” and resolve to lead a healthy life.

The old among us, living abroad, also take the opportunity to look back at the land of our birth and origin, Bharat, in order to assess whether the time is right to return to our sacred soil that gave us birth. It is natural inborn instinct like the salmon fish that return to the waters where they were born.

It is in this spirit that I share the sad feelings of millions upon millions of those who were uprooted from their homes in 1947. The last regret of each one of us is, “Wish I could return to the place of my birth in order to breathe my last.”
But how can one go back to those towns and cities that are now in Pakistan or BD (“Bogus Desh”) where hostile aliens hold sway? We all recall the cowardice and treachery of our own top leaders who saw no way out of the lethal trap set by Mohammed Ali Jinnah except to surrender one third of the Indian sub-continent in an instant!

Both Gandhi and Nehru were barristers-at-law from London who knew well how England under Winston Churchill resisted, and then defeated, the army of Hitler. They also knew how Napoleon was forced to retreat by the Russians who wiped out his army. Yet our leaders had not learnt a lesson nor showed a dog’s loyalty to our mandirs, gurdwaras, homes and lands. While NOTHING is named after Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy, there is hardly a chowk, street, road, college, national or local event, or an Institution in India, that does not bear the name “Gandhi” or “Nehru”! IGNORANCE OF MASSES LED TO INDIA'S DOOM.

So where do we, Hindus, stand in the world fora (forums) and league of nations, especially when we sit, live or work among the British, the Americans, the Chinese and the Russians who would rather die than surrender an inch of their land to the Muslims? TIME TO CHANGE ALL THESE NAMES, SMASH ALL THESE STATUES!

BHARAT, the land of our sages, spiritual guides, dharma and warriors, is extremely fortunate to have got rid of the Dynasty of Crooks & the (Congress) Party of Corruption when BJP took over in May 2014.

Since then a sea change has occurred in restoring law and order, reducing corruption, restoring pride in Hindu identity, and building new works and industries to make economic progress.

On strategic side, however, there has been little pride. Hindus have not asserted themselves on their own territory. They have not united to exterminate Nehru’s Congress Party. They have not re-built the national Temple in Ayodhya. They have not banned “namaz” on government or public property such as open fields, roads and market places. They have not reviewed the teaching materials and text books at schools and colleges. They have not insisted on expunging the word “Kafir” in Koran since WE, THE HINDUS, are the “Kafirs” meant to be enslaved, converted or KILLED “as per the Book”!

They have not introduced compulsory military training for the aimless, idle and the unemployed youngsters after leaving school who are bored and start taking drugs or indulge in street crime including molestation of girls and rape. They have not challenged that bogus Partition. They have not taken up, or ENFORCED, the "Exchange of Population" that was implicit in the Document of Surrender of India in 1947. They have not defined a Muslim’s political status in India in view of Partition. They have not expelled, or sent back, all the illegal ROHINGYA Muslims from Jammu, and all the illegal BANGLADESHI MUSLIMS from all over India.

Above all, they have not yet followed the Chinese example by limiting Muslim families to one or two children only. Nor have they followed the Chinese example to de-brainwash (re-educate) the Muslims on how to live in secular society by showing tolerance towards the Infidels (Kafirs).

Bharat has failed to empower a Hindu political party such as the Hindu Maha Sabha to make it a ‘match’ for the All-India Muslim League. We can hang our heads in shame over the fact that while All-India Muslim League was invited to participate in the Independence talks, All-India Hindu Maha Sabha was nowhere to be seen! "HINDU" (the majority community) had been "chased out" of the room where the Viceroy, Gandhi, Nehru and JINNAH sat to discuss the birth of Pakistan!

In the civil war of 1947 fundamentalist Islam won hands down while Secularism became a liability for the Hindus. Hence, dropping all pretence of moral superiority due to secularism, the new (BJP) government ought to write a Constitution for “HINDU RASHTRA” in order to prevent another defeat like the one in 1947 when the religious zeal of the Muslims proved to be a formidable FORCE while our own moral superiority and Secularism proved to be VACUUM.

In the New Year the country and its Lok Sabha must discuss Partition over and over again in order to learn some LESSONS on survival of the Hindus when Muslims and the Missionaries have landed in Bharat!
Why can’t the President, the prime minister and the Lok Sabha discuss “Partition”? How can the citizens know how to prevent the one in the future?

What would one say about the man with fractured arm who refuses to tell how it happened? What would one speak of the man who became seriously ill with malaria but wouldn’t tell what insect bit him! What will one think of the man whose daughter is abducted by his Muslim neighbour but he won’t tell anybody as to who abducted her?

Finally what would you speak, or think, of the Parliament (Lok Sabha) that is looking at the map of Post Partition India but refuses to tell the ignorant post 1947 generation of Hindus as to why Lahore and Dhaka are not on it? Has anyone thought of the CRIME of keeping the masses IGNORANT about Partition? What are the implications?

During slavery two aspects of life, “Bhakti” and “Shakti”, get badly deranged, disoriented and left unbalanced. Our ENSLAVED ancestors were made to drop their weapons (renounce “Shakti”) but were encouraged to indulge excessively in “Pooja & PaaTh” (armies of sadhus and sants, pandits and priests, and non stop brainwashing, indoctrination, with “Ahimsa Parmo Dharma”!). The result was paralysis of arms to pick up weapons for self defence.
These are some thoughts on the successes and failures of the present BJP government. Obviously, more study, observations and engagement are needed on the vital subject of the new Constitution and for recovering all the territories surrendered by the despicable traitors in 1947. We cannot afford to sleep in peace with frontier of an ancient divine country like Hindusthan at NONDESCRIPT Wagah!