Date: 31/12/2018


My friend’s view of Bengal today.

Grim impressions.

I believe the census for Kolkata is largely fictitious because neither the State Government of Mamata or her controllers in Islamabad want to show their hand just yet. And the massive infiltration from Bangladesh, which Islamabad has used to secure her politically, simply ignores the census. The census-takers are a bunch of underpaid and harassed morons who don’t dare enter Muslim areas like north Calcutta; they would be cut into little pieces if they dared knock on doors asking for numbers of occupiers. The Bengali middle-class has been decimated and destroyed and a huge swathe of the educated young have fled the city in the past four decades. Ironically, the Hindus who were ethnically cleansed from East Pakistan have become the strongest supporters of the surrender of Hindu Bengal to Jihad. All they want is subsidised transport and some fish to stay euphoric and sing Rabindrasangeet!

I have walked around some of Kolkata’s Muslim areas in recent years, visiting a dying Muslim academic friend, and met no Hindus in them. The place stank of rotting flesh and every second shop was a butcher’s outlet and the gutters were red with blood and chickens and goats were tethered in front of butcher’s shops and illegal slaughter was routine.

Jinnah wanted all of Bengal for Pakistan and this was only prevented due to the heroic efforts of N. C. Chatterjee of the Hindu Mahasabha and Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. The August 14, 1946 Great Calcutta Killings were intended by Jinnah to force a Bengali exodus that the unknown hero Gopal Patha thwarted by launching a massive counter-offensive and, in the end, successful assault against Muslim areas. Jinnah retaliated by instigating the mass murder, abduction, rape and forced conversion of Hindus in Noakhali. The peasants walked away with the daughters of their landlords, dragging them naked by the hair - an event celebrated by Indian Marxists as a peasant revolt. The Mahatma was unmoved, advising Hindus not to resist and the women to commit suicide, in order to uphold his precious reputation as an adherent of non-violence.

I am now getting the impression that Kolkata is already India’s first Muslim-majority State and my astute landlord, and long-time city resident of Park Street, insists it is over 60%. Jinnah has reached out from beyond the grave to achieve his diabolical goal.