Date: 31/12/2018

Killing a Nation without a Bomb is simple & easy -
And Hindus and Sikhs do not need Islamic Jihadists
to do it to their community

At the entrance gate of a British University in South Africa, the following message
was posted for contemplation:

*Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long
range missiles.

It only requires lowering the quality of Scientific Modern Education to them and
allowing their school children cheating in the examinations.

Or making them waste time in rituals and listening to Padres/Pundits/Poojaris in
Churches, Mandirs, Shivale, and/or unworthy religious sermons of Babas and
Sat-gurus etc.

Patients then die routinely at the hands of such doctors.

Buildings, bridges and roads collapse without warnings at the hands of such engineers.

Money is lost at the hands of such economists & accountants.

Humanity dies at the hands of such Religious selfish Preachers and Scholars.

Justice is lost at the hands of such judges and policemen.

The collapse of modern education thus becomes an automatic collapse of the nation .