Date: 08/01/2019


Let us compare the proud and honorable Punjab of the past with the partitioned and cowardly Bharat of today.

Please note that the following is FACT (not fiction).

More than 300 years BEFORE the birth of Christ there was the Hindu King Porus of ancient Punjab. Porus or Poros (Greek) was born around 370 BCE. He ruled over a region between Jhelum River and The Ganges.

Then Bharat was known to be a fabulously rich country full of gold and diamonds, flowers and fruits. An ambitious young hero, Alexander in Macedonia, could not resist the temptation to conquer Hindusthan in order to increase his Empire. But Hindusthan was not a soft target like today, if we recall the undignified surrender of Karachi, Lahore and Khyber Pass in 1947! And he did not reckon with the bravery and valour of the Punjabi courage and manhood.

The invaders always have the INITIAL advantage in a fight or war because they come with a motivated army dreaming of riches and bounties while the natives are busy in daily routine. Alexander’s invasion was like “BLITZKRIEG” and after subjugating Turkey, Persia and Afghanistan he entered the Kingdom of Punjab.

In the fierce battle that ensued King Porus was defeated by the army of Alexander in 326 BCE but not before Porus severely damaged the Macedonian army and made them suffer huge losses of their own. The battle between King Porus and Alexander is widely considered to be one of the greatest battles in history.

Unlike centuries later when the savage Mohammedan invaders instantly put to sword the defeated, abducted girls and women and destroyed the places of worship (temples), there was a proper code of honour and tradition of chivalry among the victorious. The captured were treated with dignity, women and girls were respected and no place of worship ever came to harm.

Porus was captured after his defeat and was brought before Alexander who asked him, “How would you like me to treat you?”

Porus, unruffled though in cuffs and fetters, looked Alexander straight in the eye and replied, “As it behoves one King to treat the other!”

Alexander was so impressed by the reply of this proud captive that he ordered his immediate pardon and decided to go back to Macedonia.

Now a flashback to the middle of 20th. Century AD. Please note, the following is FICTION (i.e., figment of imagination though many will regard it FACT).

We see how, countless centuries later, instead of becoming a super world power, Bharat became so weak and “sick”. If we have learnt some lessons from “Partition”, we should put them to PRACTICE!
We are in 1947 now, 2,272 years later!

In the civil war between the Muslims and the Hindus, the former won hands down and inflicted a crushing defeat on Akhand Bharat (Hindusthan). Two of the defeated NATIVE leaders were brought before the victorious Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

Mr Jinnah was very pleased to see his demoralized captives, Gandhi and Nehru, standing before him in shackles and cuffs, close to tears. Mr Jinnah felt no pity for them and asked the captives the same question that was put to Porus by Alexander, “How should I treat you now since you have rejected Islam all along? Your half-hearted and half-way “secular” approach to Islam is UNACCEPTABLE.”

Gandhi, the older of the two, spoke, trembling with fear for his life, recalling the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi in 1675 AD, “Kind and merciful Sir, we submit. Kindly treat us as your Rasul Allah, Hazrat Mohammed Sahib treated the Kafirs in Mecca!”

Hearing this, Jinnah ordered the execution of both prisoners by sword. While Nehru cried, “Who will bring up my little daughter?”, Gandhi fell upon his knees and had a clever idea since he was a barrister-at-law from London. He said,
“Sir, the holy Koran says that a criminal can buy freedom and save his life by paying a ransom in the form of money or land. Since the colonial masters have made us paupers, all we have left with us is land. We are more than willing to surrender TERRITORY in exchange for our lives. Kindly take as much as you want, in order to establish your benign ISLAMIC STATE of Pakistan!”

Jinnah’s deputy, Liaqat Ali Khan, spoke at once on hearing Gandhi, “A brilliant idea by the clever Kafir! Killing them will give us the thrill for two minutes while capturing one third of India will be a gain IN PERPETUITY for the Umma’ and will also please our Prophet Mohammed, pbuh.”

Jinnah liked the idea and said, “Though it is wrong to show mercy to Kafirs, we shall accept TERRITORY and let these two “dogs” live in eternal shame and disgrace forever.”

Historians tell us that both Gandhi and Nehru were so relieved that they said, “Qaid-i-Azam, Sir, we thank you for sparing our lives. All our followers wish your Pakistan well. We will guarantee the safety and well-being of our Muslim brothers who choose to stay back in our “Broken Bleeding” Bharat.”

Dear patriots, can we not see Truth in this fiction? Both Gandhi and Nehru (also Jinnah and Liaqat Ali), all traitors to their sacred motherland, are gone & vanished from sight, but their “gift” to Islam, Pakistan, will stay forever within the body of Hindusthan like an indestructible insoluble rock!

9 Janury 2019.