Date: 22/01/2019

BJP should organize and set up courts for the hearings on the circumstances of partition of India in Punjab, Harayana,Delhi Bengal, Gujarat and Jammu for the role played by leaders of congress who without consulting other opposition parties accepted unilaterally the orders of the British.

How timid and weak Indian Congress leaders became at that moment of taking the challenge bravely but lying on the ground.

They should have waited for and asked for time to think about. The comment of Jinnah that the rivers of blood will flow if not accepted the leaders should have called in Punjab and Maharashtra leaders and from other states to face this comment.

In fact the only two Congress leaders who opposed partition were;MaulanaAzad and Fronties Gandhi who cried.

What a shame that the same timid leaders who agreed to lead (rule) India for so long afterwards. If it were not Patel India would have split further.

-a patriot.
January 22, 2019