Date: 26/01/2019


NRI's living in the West know how much families spend at Christmas, merry making, buying gifts for ever demanding children, and close friends & relatives, Christmas dinners, excessive drinking and illumination of public and private buildings. Bank accounts are overdrawn and loan sharks are waiting to collect their debts.

The day after Christmas when reality hits the red (celebrations) of the previous day it all becomes grey and black (sobering thoughts) of the day after!


CONGRATULATIONS to all those who put up a magnificent show at the Parade in New Delhi and at the Retreat ceremony at Atari-Wagah.

"Organisers, You made us proud of our Motherland and especially of the BJP government. What a contrast from earlier years under Dynasty and Congress Party!

"We wish BJP to strengthen their position further and do not let people forget the good things you are doing for the improvement of the masses. Thank you!"

Here it is also relevant to remind ourselves of the "day after Christmas"! It’s the moment of Truth.

After the grandeur and impressive display of weapons of war and the colourful floats, it is time to wake up to the reality as to what has been achieved on ground.

Happily the event was a great joy yesterday (Jan 26) but the reality is still staring the people of India, especially the Hindus, in the face. What is that reality?

The nation wants to recall the High Treason by our TOP leaders when they surrendered one third of Bharat to the Indian Muslims without consulting the people, i.e., without Referendum and without even a single condition.

The demography in the Jammu & Kashmir State is still a FRIGHTENING prospect for the Pandits (Hindus) of SOUTH Kashmir who cannot go back, to be killed or abducted and raped.

Article 370 is still there that makes the State not only especially privileged & funded, but also “disputed”. The home grown terrorists, enjoying support of those from Pakistan, cannot adopt the ways of peace if either treated like the “sons-in-law” of NEHRU or given a feather in the cap.

Given the unchecked increase in MUSLIM population and the huge illegal infiltration from "Bogusdesh" to the East, the Hindus do FEAR being swept away by the Islamic "TSUNAMI" in the near future just like those in Lahore and Noakhali at Partition.

The nation has not shown the COURAGE to re-build the ruined historic temple in Ayodhya nor has the nation shown WISDOM to demand a new CONSTITUTION to give IDENTITY to the pseudo-secular, "mongrel", and ever appeasing “Gandhian” Hindusthan that has been SHRINKING since the arrival of Muslims. Once even Afghanistan and Myanmar were parts of Bharat under TRISHUL & BHAGWA, and Lahore was to United Punjab what Delhi was to Akhand Bharat (United India).

The nation also needs to commemorate the DEAD of PARTITION, the Rajput Women of CHITOD, and the Hindu/Sikh girls and women who bore the full brunt of Nehru’s High Treason and Gandhi’s COWARDICE, that is, Partition in 1947.
It still seems a tall order to expect the fearful President of Bharat to declare, "Bharat urgently needs a new Constitution, and Partition has to be re-negotiated or rejected."

172 MILLION MUSLIMS in "Broken" Bharat, increasing at an ALARMING rate, ought to rob the Hindu (Kafir) of his sleep at night!

A question: "How can Partitioned India use her field guns, fighter aeroplanes, tanks and the nuclear bombs in case of CIVIL WAR?**

27 January 2019.

** In 1947 the enemy did not cross any border or frontier to capture both Lahore and Dhaka!