*The Nation has the Right to Know*

Date: 28/01/2019

*The Nation has the Right to Know*

How the Military has been demeaned, degraded and demoralised over the last 69 years

1. *1948* When Indian army was chasing pak intruders on the back run and confident of pushing them beyond whole of J&K, Nehru ordered cease fire. Result- POK and perpetual trouble in Kashmir.

2. *1962*
Nehru pushed the ill prepared and ill equipped military in winters to war with China and to a most humiliating defeat. Advised by his Defence Minister Krishna Menon berated the military leading to the resignation of India’s greatest soldier- General Thimayya.

3. *1965*
Sashtri - a novice in international affairs and ill-advised by bureaucracy gave back Hazipir Pass of great strategic importance to Pak which was won after a great battle and sacrifices of many Indian Soldiers.

4. *1971*
Indira ill advised by fellow Kashmiri PN Haksar frittered a great military victory and made it in to a *political and diplomatic defeat*. Bhutto was ready to sign on any instrument of negotiation on Pak's illegitimate claims on Kashmir to get home his 93000 war prisoners.

As a reward to the military for the great victory, she brought down the pensions of soldiers from 70% to 50%(virtualy 33pc) and raised the pensions of civilians from 30 % to 50%.
As also, Deprived India’s most genius soldier General Bhagat the Army Chiefs post.

5 *1984*
Upgraded the pay of Cabinet Secretary to the level of the Service Chiefs. And thereafter very surreptitiously the babus put Cabinet Secretary ahead of the Chiefs in warrant of Precedence.
5 *1984*

(ADDED BY SITE OWNER: The Indian army, acting as an anti national "mercenary force" serving the strategic goals of NEHRU Dynasty & their Congress Party, was ordered to attack Sri Harmandir Sahib, the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar in June 1984. It proved to be their strategic blunder with far reaching consequences into the future.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (i.e., MAIMOONA BEGUM after her secret conversion to Islam) had a good reason to humiliate and intimidate the Sikhs due to the mortal fear of sudden exposure of her father, Jawaharlal Nehru and the All-India Congress Party as traitors for the unconditional surrenders of vast territories in order to enable the Muslims of India to establish their own separate sovereign Islamic Pakistan in 1947!

The perpetual “iron hold” over the Hindu nation and demoralizing the Sikhs, were part of the same plan to keep the masses in submission to Nehru (and Gandhi), and remain quiet about the illegal and undemocratic betrayal of the country at Partition when "heads of Nehru and Gandhi had to roll"!

After her nationwide EMERGENCY in 1975 to silence the Hindu voice, she launched her malicious attack on the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar. Foolishly, she underestimated the Sikhs’ courage, sense of honour and their love of gurdwaras. She not only hurt the feelings of the Sikhs worldwide, but also harmed India's own defense potential since the Sikhs, being natural soldiers, are also the best guarantee for Bharat's internal security and defense.)

6. *1987*
Rajeev Gandhi misguided by the Bureaucrats sent the Military to Sri lanka for the so called peace keeping mission *'OP PAWAN'* and got home 1100 body bags of martyred Indian Soldiers. Rubbing salt to the wounds, Karunanidhi refused to welcome the IPKF at Chennai when it returned from Sri lanka because IPKF killed Tamil militants and terrorists in Sri lanka.

7. *1998*
Vajpayee so dependent on wily Brajesh Mishra, humiliated the military by sacking the Upright Naval Chief for his principled stand against the political interference by the Akalis promoting some one of their clan in higher naval postings.
The following year the nation and the military paid a heavy price due to ignoring the advice of military, Vajpayee going to Lahore when the Kargil heights were surreptitiously being occupied by Pakistan army. 600 soldiers had to die to reclaim these posts.

7. *2012*
Chidambaram the clever Home Minster of Non effective Manmohan Singh, in league with a section of the media tried to defame the military with a planted story of an attempted Army coup just to settle scores with General VK Singh. They raised aspersions on the very patriotism of Indian Military and its commitment to our cherished democracy.

8. *2015-16*
Hon PM Modi ill advised by Jaitley (blaming ex servicemen for his Amritsar defeat ) through 7th Pay commission completed the unfinished grand design of the political and bureaucratic class to totally degrade and demoralise the military.

*The nation should know and be rest assured that while the politicians and the bureaucrats betrayed and failed the Military, the Military will NEVER fail their nation come what may.*