Date: 30/01/2019

Thank you for the opinions of the American Intelligence.

Please note, however, that we do NOT need America's opinion or advice on the possibility of a civil war in India IF Modi presses on his Hindu agenda.

The seed of civil war was sown in the soil of Hindustan in 712 AD when the sworn enemies of KAFIRS entered Sindh and were NOT ejected the following day.

It is not a boast but a FACT that we Indians have known Islam for many long centuries and all the times the Hindus were either crushed, suppressed, oppressed or simply tolerated by our Muslim MASTERS due to some expediency (reign of Akbar).

Hindus, the liberals who regard girls "devis" vs. the Muslims the intolerant, who regard the girls "commodity" that can be sold, even auctioned and legally allowed up to FOUR wives per man, are bound to clash- sooner or later.

Muslims, who will not tolerate the entry of a Hindu in Mecca but feel justified in occupying West Punjab and East Bengal as if their divine right, who razed every "mandir" to ground or turned them into ruins out of extreme hatred and CONTEMPT, will hardly spare the Hindus when they get chance, attain power or become a majority to take over the country democratically (like the Nazis under Hitler) and then apply SHARIA law under which even infants can be entombed alive and old holy men beheaded in town centres.

Hindus, who are living in the Land of Cuckoos, in the dark shadows of Partition (one third of India already captured by our fellow citizens, the INDIAN Muslims) cannot afford the luxury of entertaining happy fantasies of peaceful coexistence with the Muslims. Germany and the United States can accept the Muslims up to a certain limit but they also have the strength and power to expel or INTERN the lot if needed.

Please recall that mass internment of the Japanese when Pearl Harbour was attacked. Yes, for the attack on ONE city, ALL THE JAPANESE living in the USA were branded ENEMIES and interned. In contrast, OVER 50 cities like Pearl Harbour were captured by the Indian Muslims in 1947 and the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA could not intern even ONE Muslim anywhere, not even in Delhi- in the shadow of President's House.

So YES, the Hindus must be prepared for the INEVITABLE. But one is AFRAID, the Hindus will not be prepared due to crippling HOLD of "mahatma" GANDHI who was assassinated on JANUARY 30, 1948 but spawned dozens of "fake" Gandhis (Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyenka Gandhi, and so on!) who will follow the "Father of Nation" MK Gandhi, and implement his doctrine of AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA from Kerala to Kashmir!

Alas, Hindus, collectively speaking, are still living in another world that is a calm and tranquil lake where NONE has yet caused a tiny ripple by throwing a tiny pebble called "PARTITION". Peace loving Hindus will be disappointed when it is too late. Illogical, separatist, divisive PARTITION was not the end, but the beginning!

One can guess the logical end- the end of civilized, secular, democratic & tolerant (remains of) HINDUSTHAN- all because the enemy was not thrown out from Sindh in 712 AD - NOR IN 1947.

31Jan 19