Date: 31/01/2019

Bloom or Doom – Need for the Second Republic!

Time lost can never be regained; failure to seize opportunities to change in time is disastrous.

2019 elections beckons yet another opportunity to people to “Act or Perish”. The future course of modern India rests on the political sagacity and wisdom of “We the People” of India – “Bloom or Doom.”

Foremost, wakeup Delhi’s AC Room elites to the horror prospects of internal implosion! Stop eulogizing the post-1947 liberal system that determined the shared future path to traverse.

Recognize and accept the inevitability of the Quote of Bhagavad Gita: Change is the Law of the Universe. So, do not monotonously persist status quo, more aptly, status quo ante. For the deadlock almost in perpetuity to change is certain to result in internal implosion.

Admit the unpalatable bitter truth of modern India born out of “slavery” not only under British Rule but also under the Islamic invaders from the North West since the 11th Century. More importantly, communal carnage heralded the partition of British India.

Fundamental Facts – 34 crores population with over 88% illiterates; and intellectuals of the day educated in the Western schools with left-cum-socialist ideologies. They designed a set of institutional structures and processes towards building a shared future for the pluralistic and diverse society: highly egalitarian Constitution hailed as the longest written one and claimed to be a living one – the First Republic.

Changed Environment: 136 Crores population with over 75% literacy as on date; set to reach nearly 185 crores by 2050 and universal literacy by 2060. Demographics in dynamic and vicious flux due to twin revolutions of growing awareness and raising expectations – Dil Mange More. Illiterate people of North East hill tracts are far more literate than people in states like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana etc. Rapidly widening gap between the “Rich and the Poor”, besides inter and intra regional equalities.

No wonder, crisis proliferation is the norm and endemic. Governance paralysis is irrefutable fact - one step forward; two steps backward. Terminal trouble – ICU status – is a reality. The “enemy from within” has already striking hard at the vitals.

Lest modern India implodes unable to resolve contradictions, infinite controversies and crises eruptions, recognize all alike, particularly the pseudo intellectual elites of New Delhi, the need for a new set of institutional structures to enable the rapidly changing society towards building a shared future.

Archaic is the prescribed order post-1947 for rapidly emerging environment context and content of 2019 and thereafter.

Internal dysfunction and systemic collapse is real. Vicious oppositional domestic politics are the root cause for proliferation of violence. Add to them, the widespread geopolitical power shifts at the regional level in particular and global level in general pose critical threats to national security.

Irrefutably, the crisis runs deep. So, the so called enlightened collective leadership/intellectuals must actively promote and advance the need for a new institutional design – the Second Republic. Ideas and leadership matter. But to think that political, judicial and bureaucratic leadership by themselves can shape the new national order is to put the cart before the horse.

However, inevitable and imperative is the formulation of the Second Republic – future national order - that caters to the rapidly changing environment deserves comprehensive scrutiny and consideration with expediency.
In retrospect, what will resolve the current crises proliferation is a power grab by a new stakeholder determined to have his way, if Modi and the BJP fail to do it. To expect Rahul Ghandy and his coteries or other dynast regional parties to usher such real change is expecting the moon.

Honestly surveyed and viewed, to formulate and implement dramatic systemic change is beyond the competence and capability of the present leadership – psychology of incompetence.

Otherwise, “We the People” be prepared to be comfortable with the new proliferating disorders around them on daily basis.

So, “WAKE UP” people of India and raise above narrow parochial sectarian interests and politics that will inevitably shape the course of every ones destiny towards anarchy and chaos.