Date: 31/01/2019



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*You may read this, whenever you have the time, patience & Intelligence to form your own opinion, but please do read.*

*Both Hindus & Muslims want to remove Modi* but see the difference between them :

Hindus are worried about Petrol prices while Muslims are worried about Rohingyas..

Hindus are upset with GST & want Congress back while the Muslims want Congress to convert India into an Islamic state. Whatever be the reason, their ultimate aim remains the same.

Christians are a devoted citizens' lot but are being brainwashed by their religious heads who flourish on foreign aid to keep India stagnant; more so when India's image has gone up during last four years.

Several Indians who have been brainwashed by these corrupt politicians are against Narendra Modi. In a democracy, it is good to oppose & it is also your right, but by opposing Modi whom are you supporting? This becomes a serious issue, that’s why it is important for you to make your decision, after giving it a serious thought.

Are Mulayam, Lalu, Mayawati, Sonia, Rahul, Kejriwal, Mamta Bannerjee & the left parties better than Modi or do they have a performance record that’s better than Modi’s. Ask yourself ?

Do you think, that CMs like Mamta Bannerjee, Akhilesh Yadav & others are better CMs than Modi, while he was the CM of Gujarat. If you want to compare the development, go to any town/city in Gujarat & compare it to any of their state capital.

When both Lalu & Mulayam entered politics, their household income was so low, that they could not afford to buy a lantern or a bicycle. In the name of caste politics they have minted Crores. Ramgopal Yadav flies in his private chartered plane & Shivpal Yadav travels in a plush Audi. Where did they find this treasured wealth from?
Are they better than Narendra Modi ? Ask yourself ?

Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka & Robert Vadra are all billionaires today. Are they better than Narendra Modi? Ask yourself ?

Are the Communist who ruled West Bengal for 35 years better than Narendra Modi ? Ask yourself ?

For 5 years Kejriwal fooled the Delhi public with advertisements & Promises of providing free WIFI, CCTV, 150 Colleges, 500 Schools. Is he better than Narendra Modi ? Ask yourself ?

When Mayawati joined politics, along with Kanshiram they would canvas on bicycles. She did not even have enough money to buy oil to light lamps in her house. Today her footwear comes from foreign countries. Her brother owns 497 companies. Are they better than Narendra Modi? Ask yourself ?

Nobody gave a damn when 5 lac Kashmiri Hindus were driven out of Kashmir and turned into refugees, in their own land under the watchful eyes of Delhi, but lot many voices are raised in support of Rohingya's from Burma & Bangladesh. Think about it !! Go to refugee camps in Jammu and see the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, right since 1990.

People who are opposing Modi are welcome to do so but, do they have a better solution? And if they have, let them tell the country. Give a small thought to your motherland & decide how much do you want it to be looted or how much more do you want other countries to loot us. It’s now time to forget your caste/creed & religion, because the looters are taking advantage of this very caste/religion based system.

● I do not know as to why I like Modi, but I do have reason for not liking the Congress, SP, BSP, AAP & other rogue parties.

● I don’t even know if Good days ( Acche din) will ever come or not, but I am convinced that other than Modi, I don’t see any other politician who could even come closer to Modi in bringing that.

● I don’t even know that Modi will succeed in making India a rich country. But I am convinced that he will try his best in making our great country a Global leader.

● It does not matter to me whether Modi has all the knowledge about Indian history, but I am absolutely convinced that he has a prophetic knowledge of our future.

The Almighty is watching us as to How the intelligence that HE has Bestowed upon us to think honestly, not only for our own self but for our motherland. Now is the time to contribute our might in strengthening our mother land.

Should you be convinced with my thoughts, I shall be thankful for having played my part. I shall also be grateful to all those who would like to share this message with other proud Indians.

Let us give MODi another 5 years to strengthen this country.

Thank for your time & Godbless..