Date: 31/01/2019

Why do we complicate matters by analyzing self obvious facts endlessly.

Muslims have practices that ensure their constant expansion at the expense of others like polygamy and large, politically motivated families.

So, they are motivated to form Islamic republics whenever they have a chance so that there is no interference to their practices and they keep expanding and running down others,

There are 58 Islamic republics now where minorities are second, third class citizens and dwindling or extinct,

Was Jinnah present in all these countries? How come population of Hindus is reduced from 15% to 1% in Pakistan?

If we do not understand this core existence to our threat and keep on analyzing endlessly in all directions, we lose focus and cannot protect ourselves.

When Pakistan appeals to the UNO, the USA and the UK to help end India's occupation of South Kashmir, she embarrasses the lot to the extreme.

How can a democracy support ISLAMIC THEOCRACY? Would't it defy commonsense?

Pakistan's claim is relevant for the likes of Gandhi and Nehru in 1947 but an ABSURDITY and VULGARITY in the context of the wold TODAY (2019).

The FREE, DEMOCRATIC & SECULAR world is waiting for Pakistan to do the DECENT thing, that is, to set fire to her ISLAMIC constitution and then lay the claim to South Kashmir and even Delhi!