Date: 07/02/2019

REPLY TO A PATRIOT IN PARTITIONED INDIA who opposes the idea of having Memorials to the Dead.

Thank you. With great respect to you, I humbly submit the following:

You raise an interesting point, " If we are to have memorials then the country will be full of futile memorials."

Apparently it seems absurdity & FUTILITY to you because those dead are considered "ants and insects", NOT WORTH REMEMBERING. But here is the litmus test:

If you, Sir, could ever imagine that each and every Hindu put to sword or clubbed/beaten to death because of his Faith (or Religion) in Hindusthan was your REAL BROTHER, FATHER, MOTHER or SISTER, you will be crying out the loudest for having 600 MILLION memorials across Hindusthan!

By the way, the memorials need not be as tall as Sardar Patel's statue in Gujerat. Simply a small (or big) pillar with inscription (some detail, when and how many Hindus were beheaded or murdered, girls and women abducted or raped) will do. ALTERNATIVELY, for each ONE MILLION Hindus, a Memorial of the size of Taj Mahal, or like Humayun's tomb (Maqbara e Humayun) in Delhi, is conceivable.

But first we need to VALUE those souls. First we need to "RELATE" to those souls like members of the our own (Hindu) family. First we have to inculcate the IDEA that our division and separatism and caste system means that we do not value fellow Hindus and do not "relate" to one another just like the SHEEP in an ABATTOIR. First we have to overcome our humility and inferiority that we gathered/imbibed over CENTURIES of slavery. That is exactly what we saw in 712 AD when neither the Marathas nor the Rajputs rushed to Sindh to behead MOHAMMED bin Qasim and CHASE HIS GHAZIS & MUJAHIDS BACK TO MECCA.

In 1946 when Noakhali massacre took place there was NO reaction even in neighbouring Orissa or Bihar. And a year later when West Punjab was engulfed in FIRES of Islamic Jehad and brutality, the Hindus in U.P. did not care two hoots. And THAT was precisely the reason why M.A. JINNAH found it so SAFE to demand Pakistan knowing fully well that no Hindu patriot will step forward to assassinate him, but on the contrary, MK Gandhi, the TOP Hindu leader, would fall at his feet and agree what he (Jinnah) demanded!

Right now Kashmir is "burning" as far as the Pandits of Srinagar are concerned. Are the Hindus in Himachal Pradesh or Haryana, or the Sikhs in EAST Punjab, bothered? Is the PRESIDENT of the Republic bothered? Is the Lok Sabha concerned? Thus we notice (and the whole world notices!) that we care two hoots for fellow Hindus and for our ancestors - NOT EVEN FOR OUR TERRITORY.

So we must ask OURSELVES, "What are the IMPLICATIONS of not having even one HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM on earth?

Without such Memorials to our own Dead, murdered by FELLOW CITIZENS (in this case the indigenous Muslims- as in Malabar, Noakhali and West Punjab) just because they were HINDUS, we seem to the rest of the world as the most cowardly, dishonourable and gutless nation on earth.

It's a real SHAME that though Hindus are all over the world now, and we are also a very intelligent race, hardly anyone is bothered to look around as to how the HOST NATIONS in the West commemorate their dead. All the NRI's living in the West are concerned with, is to EARN MONEY and increase personal wealth.

But those few honourable among us, who "RELATE" to fellow Hindus and respect their ANCESTORS, will most certainly notice such Memorials all over the world, not only in America, Israel, France and Great Britain!

Rejecting the idea of Memorials to our own Dead, and never recalling, even mentioning "PARTITION" (that is, denying historic defeat & vast territorial surrenders), shows that we (Hindu nation) are not fit for survival. Eventually we are bound to end up like the original NATIVES in Australia and in North and South America.

8 Feb 19