Date: 10/02/2019


it was surprising to note that Sri Nehru Ji awarded " Bharat Ratna " to himself.

Of course Nehru Ji did many things, which damaged INDIA for ever.
1. Not allowing Gen. Cariyappa to drive out Pakistan soldiers in all parts fully from J & K, and then going to UNO.
2. Having Article 370, proclaimed for J & K.
3. Granting Tax payers money for HAAZ subsidy- Thousands and Thousands of crore rupees since 1957.
4. Not taking fitting action CHINA in occupying" TIBET".
5. Not permitting IAF to participate in CHINA war-1962.
6. Not promoting " Sanskrit " to develop across INDIA.
7. The worst of all : not sending MUSLIMS to PAKISTAN, since Bharat was partitioned based on Religion principle.


No. 8. Agreeing to the most humiliating and degrading UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of ONE THIRD OF INDIA to the Indigenous MUSLIMS in order to establish their (separatist, intolerant, fundamentalist, undemocratic & obscene) ISLAMIC STATE within India and in the middle of the 20th (enlightened) century, that would immediately EXTERMINATE the Hindus in those areas that became "Pakistan", and at the same time that would-

(a) create permanent rift between the Hindus and the Muslims;

(b) create permanent mistrust of the Muslims in Bharat,

(b) reward the aggressor (a minority) and punish the tolerant and the civilised (majority);

(c) reward the FOREIGNER (like the Europeans in North & South America and Australia) and punish the NATIVES (like the native Americans and the aboriginal Australians);

(d) pose serious danger to the very existence of the "Rest of" India in perpetuity,

(e) cause not only futile loss of lives; but also

(f) waste a huge part of the budget on armed forces, weapons and nuclear bombs and eventually

(g) perpetuating/ confirming/ legitimizing the historic pattern of the "donkey and the lion", that is, the defeated, enslaved and humiliated natives but victorious foreigners and invaders and even their offspring in perpetuity!

(h) weaken the Hindus' defense potential immensely due to the presence of a large hostile MUSLIM minority in case of civil war, when, as you rightly stated (Pt. 7 in your e-mail), total "POPULATION EXCHANGE" was mandatory when our ancient and sacred country was divided so crudely and savagely on RELIGIOUS basis;

(i) adversely affect (deteriorate) the gene quality (psychology) of the enslaved and subdued natives over long centuries to render them pacifists, defeatists, appeasers, "nishkam sewaks", and the most willing slaves ("sheep") of any "Italian" and/or "Gandhi"!

What a "hat trick" by the cunning "rascal" NEHRU that suddenly, only one day AFTER acknowledging Islam as the biggest factor (and the sole determinator) for Partition, JL NEHRU, the crafty barrister, declared the country SECULAR- 100% Secular, enshrined in Constitution as Secular, thus robbing us (DEVOTED Hindus and PROUD Sikhs) of our IDENTITY and DIGNITY, and putting our NATIVE religions on the path to extinction.

NB: No Referendum was demanded by Nehru to ascertain PEOPLE'S wishes on that BOGUS "partition" of India between Hindus and the MUSLIMS!

No safeguards were demanded for the protection of the Hindus and their DAUGHTERS in the newly born illegitimate Islamic country called "Pakistan".

In the event TWO MILLION innocent Hindus were massacred and thousands of girls were abducted and raped across Pakistan and then killed or CONVERTED to Islam. Nehru showed NO concern for the safety of the Non Muslim minorities whom he BETRAYED so promptly. He showed NO regret for the millions who were massacred or driven out of their homes.

I believe that CITIZENS OF ANY OTHER COUNTRY (except India, or Bharat) WOULD HAVE LYNCHED NEHRU FOR HIS HIGH TREASON whereas our Hindu nation not only gave him credit (and does so even now, more than SEVEN DECADES later!) for the "Independence" of India (relegating Netaji Bose to backstage) but also accepted, without any shame, disgust or revulsion, his "Divine Right" (in a democracy!) to impose his own offspring (Dynasty) as the future Prime Ministers upon our ancient and glorious Hindusthan!

To see his name on a University in New Delhi and on countless roads and townships and scholarships across Bharat simply brings "vomit" to throat in disgust at the very thought of ("Mera Desh Mahaan" but) degraded & divided Bharat "worshipping" a TRAITOR so shamelessly.