Date: 14/02/2019


Dear Patriots,
Please note how the media and people in the US are wide awake to any irregularity by their elected members of Congress. Through INVESTIGATIVE journalism they have found out that one of the two MUSLIM Congresswomen cheated the Immigration Department by marrying her own brother!

Could traitors like NEHRU, arrogant and autocratic females like Indira, "BOFORS CHOR" like Rajiv Khan and now Robert WADRA, the master of LAND mafia, get even one vote in the USA?

Who will look into the illegal foreign bank deposits of Sonia Gandhi who did not have a job, did not work in a factory, farm or office for a single day, acquire so much wealth?

I leave it to patriots' imagination on how to develop and encourage INVESTIGATIVE journalism in Bharat.
If we are a gentle "Gandhian" nation, only receiving massacres and bomb blasts, then we need to COPY those who are on the right path to project "WATCHFULNESS, ALERTNESS, & INVESTIGATIVE journalism".

There should be similar petition in Partitioned India, to be signed by the citizens and the NRI's, asking for disbanding the Congress Party that put Lahore and North Kashmir in two DIFFERENT countries, thus inviting suicide bombers in South Kashmir till today.

14 Feb 19

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Did Ilhan Omar Commit Immigration Fraud by Marrying her Brother?

Thu, 14 Feb 2019 19:28

Dear cccccccc

A media frenzy has surrounded Freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) recently due to her anti-Semitic comments made via Twitter.

As a result of the public attention placed on Rep. Omar, information has come out alleging Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud. Reputable news sources including One America News, PJ Media, the National Review, and even respected think-tanks like the Center for Immigration Studies have called attention to these disturbing allegations.
It’s time for Congress to step up and investigate this concerning information IMMEDIATELY.

Click the button below to sign our petition to the House Leadership demanding a thorough investigation.
Members of Congress must be held to the highest of standards, and Congresswoman Omar should be no exception!
Thank you for standing with us by taking action on this very important issue!