Date: 16/02/2019

"The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people,
But because of the silence of good people!"

- Napoleon

"Modi destroying termite ridden old Banyan tree"
-Mark Tully on Modi

Mark Tully the BBC correspondent for India for many decades
writes about changes happening in Modi's regime.

In his Book "No Full Stops in India," while discussing about change writes -
In India change takes a lot more time.
The birth will be slow and perhaps painful.
I believe it could be the birth of a new order which is not held
up by the crumbling colonial pillars left behind by the Raj
but is GENUINELY Indian ;
a GC modern order, but ''not a slavish imitation of other modern orders”.

He goes on to say that
– “For all its great achievements, the Nehru dynasty has stood
like a Banyan tree, overshadowing the people and the
institutions of India, and all Indians know that
nothing grows under the Banyan tree”.

As Mark said , Change will be slow and painful,
therefore for someone who doesn’t read and makes judgement
based on perception will for quite some time not be able to
see the change taking place or will pretend as if nothing is changing.

The way changes are coming in
Power sector,
Defense Production and in governance and
at the same time accompanied by the resentment of the old forces
indicate that the process of change has begun albeit slowly but
firmly and is going to be painful.

Let us not undermine the capabilities of this termite ridden
old Banyan tree which will still try its best to stop any
one growing to the extent that it may even turn the
soil upside down before falling down.

For a year or so we may witness more of Dadris, more of Kanhaiyas,
more of Owaisi style shouting but finally if the Society keeps its cool,
acts maturely and continues to perform we will sail through
and the old forces will die a natural death.

LET ME ADD to this - every day the new stir media throws in
your face is all doctored by forces who wish to topple
Modi Govt as Modi has uprooted them and they are like fish out of the water.

The time has come to continue to support the man and keep
your faith intact and we will see new India for sure - bigger,
better, stronger, corruption free , peaceful , prosperous than
ever before with people having better quality of life..
- Mark Tully.