Date: 16/02/2019



“Sir, why can’t we simply become brave and get rid of the “FEAR of the Savage” for ever?”

We have brains. We know our history, and we are the threatened natives of Hindusthan, being constantly removed from the earth by the savages who are occupying more and more of our LAND.

Two things will happen if & when we discard “FEAR of the Savage” and “AWE of the Foreigner”:

1. The attacks like the one last Thursday in Kashmir (Feb 14, 2019) will never recur. The RULERS, not the NRI’s or the man in the street, ought to recall that as soon America delivered the MANLY response, their “Nine Eleven” went into history.

2. Seeing the “SHAKTI” and BRAVERY of the “lame duck” Gandhian Hindus, even the Pakistanis will be keen to come back and live with “The Rest” in our Akhand (United) Bharat.

Should we not speak about this inherited genetic FEAR openly, simply to raise our awareness? The following would NOT have taken place had we been warriors:-

1. Unconditional surrender of Lahore and Dhaka, and Gilgit and Chittagong.

2. Bogus “cease-fire” in Kashmir that proved detrimental to country and people.

3. Article 370 that makes “White elephant” of (the only Muslim majority) State (J&K), but “Scum” of all the other (Hindu majority) States.

4. The historic NATIONAL Temple in Ayodhya would have been reconstructed within five years of Partition.

5. “Aurangzeb Marg” in New Delhi would have become “General Hari Singh Nalwa” Marg.

6. “Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi would have been renamed “Guru Tegh Bahadur International Airport”.

7. The nation would have solemnly commemorated Partition but not “celebrated” Independence without shame! Should every citizen not be told the Truth by “Rashtrapati” that LAHORE & SYLHET were betrayed while Delhi and Chennai escaped?

8. While watching Lahore go under ISLAMIC Constitution DELHI was declared “Secular”. Why?
NB: Who were the autocratic “scoundrels” who NEITHER consulted the PEOPLE over PARTITION, nor over SECULAR CONSTITUTION, obliterating the Hindu IDENTITY? When Lahore went “ISLAMIC”, Delhi had to go “HINDU”!

We invite the Government of India to read these eight points and provide an EXPLANATION for each to their ignorant and unquestioning (timid) subjects- in order to raise their awareness.

17 Feb 19

PS: For the “RASHTRAPATI” who has yet to (a) repeal Article 370, (b) mention “PARTITION” and (c) speak up for “Hindu Rashtra” in view of the ISLAMIC republics conceded & accepted by Bharat.
“Sir, the cowards die a thousand times. The brave die only once.”