Date: 19/02/2019


Sometimes one wonders if it is sensible, or sane, to state the obvious.There is self doubt that one might be wrong. But, nevertheless, I shall state the obvious.

There is a saying, “STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT!”, but what will one says of the fools who let the iron get cold and then pick up the hammer trying to make something out of it. They FAIL. ("Moonh kaala!")

Sorry to say that I was thinking of our Bharat Mahan Desh that is great, grand and glorious but ruled by the mediocre, the short sighted and the timid, not bright and brave as desired. Here are the instances when Bharat FAILED to see the "iron HOT".

1. The day “Pakistan Resolution” was passed in Lahore on March 23, 1940, top HINDU leaders were sleeping.

Had they been wide awake, they (Gandhi, Nehru, Patel & a few more, all barristers-at-law from London) would have promptly noticed the IMPLICATIONS and charged Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the proposer of the Resolution, of HIGH TREASON, and then given maximum publicity to the MUSALMAANS’ “bay-imaanee”.

The Hindu leaders FAILED to do so. They FAILED to stand up for Hindusthan. The result of their criminal negligence and BETRAYAL of Land and People, was seen within seven years when the country was cut and chopped and left bleeding in THREE parts.

2. 1947. Bharat was partitioned between Friend & Foe in 1947. Calling the FOE “brothers” (Gandhian chant of “Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai”), Bharat FAILED to insist on POPULATION TRANSFER. Result: 100 million foe then, are 400 million today, and INCREASING. Yet there is NO court or committee to assess the IMPLICATIONS for the “lame duck” middle fragment of our Akhand Bharat (Hindusthan). Who do we address on this issue?

3. 1965 War. The Indian army was winning all over and had Lahore in sight. There, contrary to common sense, national interest and all the expectations, the soldiers were ordered to stop and come BACK to Wagah. At that moment in history, for a very little time, the “IRON WAS REALLY HOT” but our side FAILED to derive any advantage. The seed of the next war was sown.

4. 1971-72 War. With NINETY THOUSAND enemy troops in custody the “IRON WAS AGAIN VERY HOT” and the moment was ripe to recover North Kashmir like a child’s play. But lack of patriotism and lack of motivation, and seized by FEAR, India FAILED to recover North Kashmir.

We can see the result of letting the enemy keep what belongs to India. Seeing the power vacuum China consolidated her hold over Aksai Chin and made a direct highway to Pakistan.

5. 2019 blast. After the grief and anger of the nation were extreme it was time to repeal Article 370 that is responsible for separatism and militancy as a result of not integrating the State like all others.

Apart from threats of "surgical strikes", retaliation, and removing the personal security of some pro Pakistani politicians, nothing concrete materialized. The one thing against which there had been clamour and protest for decades was NOT done. WHAT IS ARTICLE 370? Please read Wikipedia below:

(NB: Wikipedia:

Article 370 of the Indian constitution is an article that gives autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The article is drafted in Part XXI of the Constitution: Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions.[1] The Constituent Assembly of Jammu and Kashmir, after its establishment, was empowered to recommend the articles of the Indian constitution that should be applied to the state or to abrogate the Article 370 altogether. After the J&K Constituent Assembly later created the state's constitution and dissolved itself without recommending the abrogation of Article 370, the article was deemed to have become a permanent feature of the Indian Constitution.[2][3])

Government of India has FAILED to repeal Article 370.

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20 Feb 19