Date: 22/02/2019


Article 370 and “cease-fire” were meant to be TEMPORARY. They were the brainchild of a despicable selfish “Hindu-hater TRAITOR” called Jawaharlal Nehru. Only a man with extreme CONTEMPT for country and its people could sign off East Bengal and West Punjab and consign millions of Hindus (& Sikhs) to slaughter, or slavery in PERPETUITY, to the sworn (indoctrinated) enemies of Secularism, unity, tolerance and UNITED India (Akhand Bharat).
Now look at the courage and patriotism of all of us who have defended Nehru’s image instead of the sacred soil of our Motherland!

In order to protect Nehru’s name & fame, the word “Partition” is deleted from the Constitution of India. Hence there is NO question of building a Memorial to those who perished at Partition, that is, those innocent souls (our own ancestors) who paid with their LIVES for our Independence.

The former British masters have NO objection to the Memorial at Jalliawala Bagh that recalls their brutality. Prince Charles during his last visit to Bharat expressed regret over that tragedy. Now compare the OTHER former masters, the MUSLIMS, (the Arabs, the Turks, the Afghans and the Persians- all Mohammedan without exception!) who enslaved Hindusthan and mistreated our ancestors for much longer period (than the British rule in India) thus doing lot more damage & desecration of temples in our motherland.

The worst thing that happened during those cruel centuries, and by Law of Evolution (and need for survival) was that the Hindus imbibed fear and INFERIORITY complex deep down in our psyche as if through genetic deterioration.
One consequence is that we dare not build a memorial to honour our own ancestors who were slaughtered, butchered, killed, abducted and raped, by the MUSLIMS- day in and day out!

QUESTION: What ought to have been the size and dimension of the Memorial to honour the memory of the SIX HUNDRED MILLION Hindus killed by the Muslims continuously since 712 AD when we see the size of Jallianwala Bagh Memorial to honour 379?

Today we have our Hindu rulers who run away from the very idea of a “Hindu Holocaust Museum”. We ask them to-

1. Repeal Article 370.

2. Build a suitable Memorial to honour the “Dead of 1947”. And,

3. Settle the Rohingia Muslim refugees anywhere on earth from Indonesia to Morocco but definitely not in Jammu to rob the vulnerable Dogras of their sleep!