Date: 04/03/2019

Happy Maha Shivaratri

Dear friend,
• I am honoured to receive your good wishes and reciprocate the same on Maha Shivratri.

• I pray for that "Shakti" from Shiva to rejuvenate the Hindu nation that is now divided into three territorial fragments due to disunity and lack of pride in our own native religions and divinity.

• It is time to beseech Shiva's blessings and become strong to put FEAR in the minds of the enemy that has captured Lahore, Dhaka and North Kashmir by surprise attack. Our first and foremost task ought to be to LIBERATE those territories occupied by fundamentalist Islam, fore-runner of the brutal and bloodthirsty "DAESH" (Islamic State, or CALIPHATE) in Syria.

• Guru Gobind Singhji said, "I shall neither frighten anyone nor accept highhandedness by anybody." Unfortunately we forgot that message and also let down (betrayed) SHIVA when we evacuated Western and Eastern India so quickly in 1947. The wild hordes from 'Mecca In The Desert' destroyed our 'Ayodhya in the Paradise'. How could that be right? How did we let that happen? How could we put the the future of our Motherland in peril?

• Today we ask, "Where is that "SHIVA SHAKTI" (FORCE or WILL POWER) and PATRIOTISM, that are required to take the frontier back from ATARI to KHYBER PASS?"

• Why did we accept that (humiliating) defeat and (unconditional) surrender, and never challenged or questioned its morality, legality and legitimacy though MORE THAN SEVEN DECADES have passed?

• I believe the INDIAN Muslims have a great role to play to MAKE what they BROKE. But look at the "total spiritual & patriotic collapse" of the MAJORITY COMMUNITY that has never looked at this hidden potential of the 'ENEMY AT HOME' who are silently watching the "tamaasha" of unrest & insecurity in "Broken Bharat", antics of Mamata and Mulayam, silently increasing their own numbers, and silently waiting for the "Nizam-e-Mustafa" to re-appear in DELHI once again!

• It is this "Green Devil" in Partitioned India whose tail has to be twisted, and face turned towards ISLAMABAD, to throw "fire and flames" (like the Chinese dragon), or go there to have a dialogue with Imran Khan and his cabinet on restoring Bharat's status quo of 1947, to usher in the new era of PEACE & PROSPERITY through UNITY.

• None is the friend of a weak and divided nation. So WE,OURSELVES, have to put life and spirit in the "secularized, demoralized & semiconscious" Hindu nation and make it capable of either recovering all the surrendered territories or serve notice "to QUIT" on the Muslims and the Italians living in Broken Bharat who have NO heart in Bharat or Akhand Bharat, who are only contributing to INSECURITY, CONFUSION and CHAOS among the natives.