Date: 23/05/2013

Muslims are experts in deception, distortion and Al-Taquiea (Lying) and mental misdirection. They are also specialized in terrorism, hostility, violence, beheading, stoning, burying alive and practicing sex abuse of children and women.

Ever since pedophile Moha Mad introduced Islam, Muslims have terrorized infidels, plundered their country and subjugated infidels for Jassiya. Even today, Muslims are following the old, traditional type of Saudi Arabian killing, mass murder and beheading.

These two African Blacks who are trained and indoctrinated by Islam, how can we exonerate them for butchering the the British peace officer, the old fashioned Saudi Arabian way. Muslim foot soldiers of the desert Kingdom Saudi Arabia act without fear, guilt, remorse, and without empathy for the victims. They are criminals shaped and directed by Islamic directives issued by a pedophile during 7th century. The followers of Mohammad claim that this sex addict's words are complete and completed and no reform or change is required. These out dated, irrational, illogical and dangerous ideas of this sex abuser is still shaping the behavior if Muslims around the world. Religion shapes how you develop your personality, behavior traits and destiny. Since Islam is bad and dangerous, it is natural for people to blame Islam.controls the man. Still I do not know why should Jihadis shout loudly Allah Akbar while they behead a human?