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Dear Sirs,

1. Forwarding an article (25 Feb2019) by Ms A. Agrawal for your information and perusal.

2. Those who were born after 1950 are NOT aware of this nor do they are worried, what happened then.

3. Remember the law of History. If we do not learn from history, history repeats itself. We have to ensure that, this history is NOT repeated again in India. How can we ensure this? First make sure the present generation is aware of this article. Secondly, let not anti Hindus be allowed to rule us. Thirdly, revive our Vedic culture.


Jinnah was the mastermind behind the creation and separation of Pakistan. Most people who did not sleep in their history classes would know that.

But what 99% of the above people do not know is that Jinnah orchestrated a planned Jihad on Hindus on Direct Action Day and later, instructing all Muslims to continue atrocities on Hindus until they get approval for separation of Pakistan as a Muslim state. Many media houses have whitewashed this aspect of the partition of India by referring to Jinnah’s public notice issued for Direct Action Day. The public notice was the “secular” notice issued to fool masses. The real agenda was always separation of Pakistan by hook or by crook – and mostly by crook of Jihad.

Slogans of “Lad ke lenge Pakistan,” “Mar ke lenge Pakistan,” were common. Many newspapers and personal accounts have reported this. These are the slogans raised when Hindus were massacred in Calcutta, Noakhali and surrounding districts. In his public address as well, Jinnah made sure to emphasize the importance of Jihad in the month of Ramazan. Those who knew what action they had to take knew the significance of this.

Star of India (13. 08. 46): The Secretary of the Calcutta District Muslim League notifies,

The All India Direct Action Day, declared by the All India Muslim League, will be directly observed in Calcutta, Howrah, Hooghly, Metiaburz, 24 Parganas mill areas under the direction of the Calcutta District Muslim League. The programme for the Day is as under:

“I appeal to the Musalmans of Calcutta, Howrah, Hooghly, Matiabruz and 24-Parganas to rise to the occasions and make the rally a unique success. We are in midst of the rainy season and the month of Ramzan fasting. But this is a month of real Jehad of God’s grace and blessings, spiritual armament and the moral and physical purge of the Nation. It is a supreme occasion of our trial. Let Muslims brave the rains and all difficulties and make the Direct Action Day meeting a historic mass mobilization of the Millat. Muslims must remember that it was in Ramzan that the Quran was revealed. It was in Ramzan that Battle of Badr, the first open conflict between Islam and Heathenism was fought and won by 313 Muslims and again it was in Ramzan that 10,000 Muslims under the Holy Prophet conquered Mecca and established the Kingdom of Heaven and the Commonwealth of Islam in Arabia. The Muslim League is fortunate that it is starting its action in this holy month.”

Jinnah’s declaration for the Muslim League Council, published in the Star of India

A document was secretly circulated amongst Muslims, issued by the Muslim League Council, which gives direct, explicit instructions to mete out every kind of atrocity on unsuspecting Hindus, until they relent to the creation of Pakistan. It strongly emphasizes that the atrocities should not stop until they have the final go ahead for Pakistan from Indian National Congress and Cabinet Mission Plan.

It also states that any Muslims who do not comply with these instructions of the Muslim League should be killed.

On the surface, the riots of Calcutta & Noakhali looked like random mob violence; but in reality, it was a planned attack on Hindus, strategized to look like a random attack. All Muslims were heavily equipped with armaments and knew when and where to attack, as is clearly stated in this circular:


Secret Circular Issued Among The Muslims

1. All Muslims of India should die for Pakistan.

2. With Pakistan established whole of India should be conquered.

3. All people of India should be converted to Islam.

4. All Muslim kingdoms should join hands with the Anglo-American exploitation of the whole world.

5. One Muslim should get the right of five Hindus, i.e. each Muslim is equal to five Hindus.

6. Until Pakistan and Indian Empire is established, the following steps should be taken :–

(a) All factories and shops owned by Hindus should be burnt, destroyed, looted and loot should be given to League Office.

(b) All Muslim Leaguers should carry weapons in defiance of order.

(c) All nationalist Muslims if they do not join League must be killed by secret Gestapo.

(d) Hindus should be murdered gradually and their population should be reduced.

(e) All temples should be destroyed.

(f) Muslim League spies in every village and district of India.

(g) Congress Leaders should be murdered, one in one month by secret method.

(h) Congress upper offices should be destroyed by secret Muslim Gestapo, single person doing the job.

(i) Karachi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Goa, Vizagapatam should be paralysed by December 1946 by Muslim League volunteers.

(j) Muslim should never be allowed to work under Hindus in Army, Navy, Government services or private firms.

(k) Muslim should sabotage whole of India and Congress Government for the final invasion of India by Muslims.

(l) Financial resources are given by Muslim League. Invasion of India by Nizam communist, few Europeans, Khoja by Bhopal, few Anglo-Indians, few Parsis, few Christians, Punjab, Sind and Bengal will be places of manufacture of all arms, weapons for Muslim Leaguers invasion and establishing of Muslim Empire of India.

(m) All arms, weapons should be distributed to Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, Bangalore, Lahore, Karachi, branches of Muslim League.

(n) All sections of Muslim League should carry minimum equipment of weapons, at least pocket knife at all times to destroy Hindus and drive all Hindus out of India.

(o) All transport should be used for battle against Hindus.

(p) Hindu women and girls should be raped, kidnapped and converted into Muslims from October 18, 1946.

(q) Hindu culture should be destroyed.

(r) All Leaguers should try to be cruel at all times to Hindus and boycott them socially, economically and in many other ways.

(s) No Muslim should buy from Hindu dealers. All Hindu produced films should be boycotted. All Muslim Leaguers should obey these instructions and bring into action by September 15, 1946

Stern Reckoning–G.D.Khosla, Oxford University Press, N.D.–110001

Moreover, there are clear statements from Muslim League leaders, which further verify these steps of actions, and the extent of violence Muslims planned way before hand.

Mr. Suhrawardy, Muslim League leader and then Minister of Bengal, on bloody politics for achieving Pakistan:

“Bloodshed and disorder are not necessary evil in themselves, if resorted to for a noble cause. Among Muslims today, no cause is dearer or nobler than Pakistan,”

The Statesman, Calcutta, 5 Aug, 1946

Nawabzada Liaqat Ali Khan, previous Prime Minister of the Dominion of Pakistan said,

“Direct Action means resort to non-constitutional methods, and that can take any form which may suit the conditions under which we live. We cannot eliminate any methods. Direct Action means any action against the Law.”

They openly declared that they will go against the Constitution and the law to demand the separate state of Pakistan.

This is a methodology repeatedly used by Muslim leaders, time and again. This method of Jihad on Hindus and creating mob violence to pressurize to yield their demands is one episode of history which gets repeated over and over again, only the faces change. Yet, Hindus remain ignorant, and keep buying the white washed narratives of the peaceful intentions of Jihadis.


‘Muslim League Attack on Sikhs and Hindus in the Punjab 1947’ – Compiled for the SGPC by S. GURBACHAN SINGH TALIB; Introduction to the reprint by RAM SWARUP

1946: Great Calcutta Killings & Noakhali Genocide – A Historical Study by Dinesh Chandra Sinha, Ashok Dasgupta