Date: 14/03/2019

Thank you, Sir, you have presented a very comprehensive list of Nehru's treachery (below).

It is BEYOND BELIEF that such a traitor, the "rat in fox's coat", anti Hindu, anti Akhand Bharat, "rascal" Jawaharlal NEHRU should still be treated with great respect and awe by the RULING (& FOOLING) establishment of Partitioned India!

Given even ONE act of betrayal of one's motherland anywhere else a man would have been shot or hanged to death, or banned from politics for the rest of his life but WHY NOT IN BHARAT? What makes us see BLACK in broad daylight but call it WHITE without batting an eye lid?

One more point could be added to your great List below: Really, you could have numbered it ONE!

It was his agreeing to PARTITION (surrender of FIVE provinces) without suggesting a SINGLE condition in turn, without demanding safety of the Hindus trapped on the ISLAMIC (killer) side, then ordering CEASE FIRE when recovery of all of Kashmir was imminent, and his Article 370 which was to be temporary (the "S.o.B." did not define "temporary". Hence it has become PERMANENT!)

What to say of all the PMs and Presidents who have driven past "JL Nehru University" every day, gone along Dr ABDUL KALAM ROAD that should have been "GURU TEGH BAHADUR MARG", and do not mention "PARTITION"?

Only Hindus can be so immaculate in "puja" but so SELF-NEGATING, so defeated, degraded and despicable in practice! (Not to forget the obedient simpleton Sikhs of EAST Punjab who call it "PUNJAB", and have yet to replace even one statue of Gandhi (who did not go on "fast until dusk" over the surrender of Sri Nankana Sahib, Lahore and Kartarpur, by that of General Hari Singh Nalwa or Maharaja Ranjit Singh!)

15 March 2019

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9 Blunders done by PM Nehru which cost the India’s power heavily

There are many mistakes has been done by politician which cost India’s power very heavily. here is the some biggest mistakes done by earlier leaders:

1) Rejection of merger of Nepal into India

In 1951, the then Maharaja of Nepal, ‘Giribhuvan’ told Nehru that he was ready to merge Nepal in India, if you wish, Nepal could become a part of India, but unfortunately Jawahar Lal Nehru rejected his offer.

2) Rejection of merger of Balochistan into India

In 1948, Nawab Khan of Balochistan sent a letter to Jawahar Lal Nehru to accept the merger of Balochistan in India, but Nehru rejected this offer too. A few days later, Pakistan captured Balochistan.

3) Rejection of taking Pakistan’s Gwadar port

Oman had offered India to take Gwadar Port in 1947 but Nehru refused this too. Later Oman sold the Gwadar port to Pakistan. Today Pakistan has given the Gwadar Port to China, from where China keeps an eye on India’s Naval activity, Pakistan recently caught Indian businessman Kulbhushan Jadhav at Gwadar port

4) India’s Coco Island went to China:

In 1950, Nehru gave ‘Coco Islands’ as a gift to Burma. ‘Coco Islands’ is part of Andamannear Kolkata, India. after some time, Burma gave it to China. Now china keeps eye on Indian marine every time from this Island. You can see the Military base and air runway made by China in Coco Island by looking at the Coco Islands in Google Map. Here is the link of Google maps of Coco Island.

5) Kabaw valley given to Burma:

In 1952, India first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru completely gifted the Kabaw valley to the Burmese government as a token of peace. Kabaw valley is 22,327 sq kms and it is a beautiful place like Kashmir. It was known as ‘Jewl of Manipur’ but we lost it. Now Burma gave some parts of it to china and china keeps eye on Indian forces from this valley.

6) Rejection of Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership:

Immediately after India’s independence, US President John F. Kennedy had offered India the help of the Nuclear Test. But Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru rejected that offer. If India had accepted that proposal, then India would become the first Asian country to conduct the Nuclear Test. Along with this, India also became the member of NSG comfortably. Today, even after 70 years of independence, despite opposition from China, we have to roam around the world and lobbying for NSG.

7) Rejection of permanent membership of the UN:

In 1950, the US asked India to join India as a permanent member of the United Nations, but instead of joining, Nehru advised to take China to UN as a permanent member. America and Russia agreed again in 1955 and once again Nehru offered to come to the UN as a permanent member but this time also Nehru rejected it. This same China has rejected many proposals of India in the UN. Recently, China voted against an Indian proposal to declare Masood Azhar as an international terrorist by using it veto power .

8) Kashmir Problem and Article 370:

In October 1947, the Pakistani tribal army entered in Kashmir then Sardar Patel sent an Indian army to Kashmir. Sardar patel helped Maharaja of kashmir on a treaty of Kashmir to merge Kashmir with India. When India’s armies were retreating the Pakistani army, Nehru declared the intervention of the raiders in the middle and called back the military. Due to which one-third of the Kashmiri (POK) remains with the Pakistani army.

After this, Nehru added Article 370 to the Constitution, it became a separate constitution for Kashmir, which required the permit to go to Kashmir and non-Kashmiri people could not buy any property in Kashmir, and any law of Indian constitution does not apply in Kashmir Until it is passed by the assembly of J&K.

9) Aksai Chin given to China:

The committee set up by the Government of India to know the defeat of the war with Chin in 1962, including Lieutenant General Henderson Brooks and Military Commander Brigier P.S. They were also held Nehru responsible for defeat of 1962 war. India lost about 14000 square kms of Aksai Chin. There are Kailash Mountains, Mansarovar and other places. When questions were raised on Nehru, he said, “Aksai Chin is of no importance to the country because there is no grass to grow