Date: 21/03/2019

Ms. Jacinda Ardern

We share your concern over the death of the innocent Muslims in the unfortunate attack on the mosques in Christchurch last Friday. To feel sad and to express grief is the instinctive response by the entire mankind. But there is no smoke without fire! Among those killed were nine Pakistanis. Before 1947 there were no Pakistanis on earth. Till then all communities had lived in peace and harmony as in New Zealand today.

But when suddenly the Islamic "time bomb" exploded, peace in India was shattered. The country was plunged in bloodshed and forced to surrender vast territories to create Pakistan. Ethnic cleansing that ensued in Pakistan was brutal and thorough. Two million Non-Muslims were slaughtered and thousands of girls and women were abducted, raped and killed, or converted. More than 10 million citizens were forced to flee as refugees, leaving all possessions, including homes, behind.

"Partition of India" ought to be taught at every school and university in New Zealand to show the sad end of a secular, civilized and tolerant country after the Muslims gain majority and impose the Sharia Law on all.

Madam, as the prime minister of sovereign, secular, tolerant and democratic New Zealand you were expected to know that Islam is anything but tolerant and secular. It is expanding rapidly by putting quantity above quality.

Over population, matched by lack of resources in Islamic countries, has led to conflicts, violence and bloodshed causing millions to run in all directions for safety. Since Islam is a global religion, whatever happens to the Muslims, or whatever the Muslims themselves do anywhere to the others, ought to be relevant to the rest of the world, including New Zealand.

Kindly answer these questions in the interest of your own survival on earth:

1. “If Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth, then WHO IS VANISHING at the corresponding rate?” (You may be in for a shock!)

2. What are the short term and long term implications?

(a) Examples of short term implications: Polygamy allowed to men at the cost of women's dignity, equality and self-respect, ban on pork in your schools, hospitals and prisons, ban on mini skirts & sleeveless dresses for girls, end of mixed education in schools, and increase in frequency of seduction, rape, and more mixed marriages (at which every Non-Muslim bride is forced to convert to Islam);

(b) In the long term: Muslim population outstrips the rest due to over-sized families, forcing the non-Muslim brides to embrace Islam, the mandatory obligations of "tableegh" (proselytization) and "jehad" (struggle, culminating in war, massacres and bloodshed). The result will be the overthrow of your secular democratic government and the birth of the new "ISLAMIC Republic of New Zealand." This is what delivered a mortal blow to the secular, democratic, India in 1947 when (intolerant) Islamic Republic of Pakistan was "born"!

Is it not a great pity if you never heard of the manner of the birth of Pakistan in 1947 and how many MILLIONS of innocent citizens perished or were forced out of their homes within weeks?

It is also a great pity if you saw no use in looking closely at the extermination of the Christians in Syria, Jews in Irak, Zoroastrians in Iran, Buddhists in Afghanistan, Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Sikhs in West Punjab and, finally, the YAZIDIS! Who "devoured" them all?

Has it never occurred to you, Madam, that the SAME fate could befall your citizens in New Zealand if you do not follow the saying, “Price of liberty is eternal vigilance!”

Sorry to say, you have gone off guard for not knowing that Islam is a political ideology, not a true religion that asks its followers to "offer the other cheek", or regards "all mankind as one human family!" On the contrary, leaders of Islam have openly declared their aim to convert the whole world to Islam- peacefully or forcefully.

Madam, you should have found out the meaning and significance of these two commands of Mohammed to each and every Muslim, “TABLEEGH & JEHAD”, and then looked at their working on ground and their impact on society in minute detail.

You were expected to know that the culmination of Islamic political struggle is the Caliphate on earth or an ISLAMIC Republic where the rights of minorities are very limited. The society under Islam has two tiers: Muslims ("Momins") and Non Muslims ("Kafirs") with different rules for each.

Having never been to an Islamic Republic yourself, you could ask those who have been there or who fled those Republics. You have accepted Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Irakis, Syrians and so on. Please tell your voters if you ever stayed for even two days in any of those Islamic countries!

You should have informed yourself of the killings, suicide bombings, massacres and rape that the Muslims are committing in the West where they were allowed in, e.g., Germany, Sweden, England, Spain, the Netherlands and France.

You have frequently heard of “Islamophobia” but never of "Hinduphobia" or "Bahaiphobia". Why is Islamophobia so widespread across the free democratic secular world? There is no smoke without fire!

Finally, Madam, why don’t you think that the Muslim refugees will be best settled in MUSLIM countries where the rulers know how to deal with them, or treat their fellow Muslims. Alternatively, you could send FINANCIAL help to keep & settle the fleeing Muslims in their own countries where they could live and practice their Islam freely without causing backlash such as your country saw last Friday, March 15, 2019.

Madam, why have you not informed yourself of the demographic changes in all the 50 Islamic republics INCLUDING Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where the Non Muslims perished soon after Islam took over- not by “hand of God” but by “Sword of Islam”.

The transformation of LAHORE, the capital of Punjab Province, from Hindu majority to Muslim majority is to be looked at seriously and conclusions drawn for the future of your own Christchurch.

Madam, you are expected to tell your fellow citizens as to what kind of government will New Zealand have when the Muslim population outstrips ‘The Rest’ by a big margin and then declares New Zealand an “ISLAMIC Republic”?

What plans do you have to ensure that the Muslims never attain the majority in your country? Some would say that you are walking blindfolded towards the precipice with all the Non-Muslim citizens in tow - in ignorance or misplaced trust.

Your fellow citizens ought to hear your response on the points raised above.

There will be no right wing terrorist going amok in the future. Peace and social harmony among the existing secular, tolerant, communities will not come under grave threat by the sudden appearance of too many Muslims and mosques in their towns and cities. New Zealand will never be "woken up" like the United States on December 7, 1941 and September 11, 2001. (She will NOT be lucky third time!)

Finally, Madam, I wish to say, with all respect, that you seem like that innocent girl working in a paddy field in Vietnam. She found a round iron ball sticking out of mud. She had never seen a grenade before. She picked it up and thought it was an American toy. Then she noticed the pin sticking out of one side. Out of curiosity she pulled it!

Best regards


Thursday, 21 March 2019