Date: 23/03/2019

The True Story worth studying / analyzing and ensuring this does not happen in future

In one village, Brahamans, Rajputs, Baniyaas, Teli, and Harijan, all from different castes, were happily and peacefully staying. One day, one Muslim (Mulla) with his wife and their eight children came to that village. They went to village pramukh, a Rajput man, and begged him that they be allowed to stay in that village. Except Teli and Harijan community, all agreed to allow the Muslim family to stay there.

After some years the eight children grew up and were of marriageable age. The Muslim man first went to Rajput and requested that”Huzoor,Baccho ki shadi hone wali hai. I have only one house.” The Rajput gave him some uncultivated land, and said that you build a house on it. Then the Muslim went to Baniya, and borrowed money.

After some time, his eight children had 72 children and after about 30 years the Muslim population of that village was 40 % of total population. Now the Muslim youths, as per their culture, started having fights with Hindu youths and harassing Hindu girls. Slowly Brahmins and Baniyas left the village. One day Mulla started destroying the main temple of Hindus. To this, Rajputs of the village objected. The Muslim, who came 30 years ago, said that anyone objecting about the work for Allah, will be cut to pieces. The Rajputs also left the house. While leaving the village, they said to Harijan and Telis, if we had listened to your advice and not trusted the Mulla, we would not have come to this stage of leaving the village.

This village name is, now, changed from Panchvati to Rahimabad.This village is in Maharashtra, in Amvravti district. This is a true story.