Date: 08/04/2019

Please note that e/where I hv met local people under open Bunyan/ Peepal trees in groups of tens or so ;my views are the views as expressed by over 90% of such village or small ton groups & traders.

On 08-Apr-2019, at 10:35 PM, Shri Gupta wrote:

Re various Opinion Polls as shown on our Indian TV, it shows neck to neck fight between bjp & NDA on one side & all opposition parties on other side. But according to my own survey from Mumbai to Muslim majority Western U.P. About 98% of Hindus will vote for BJP including small traders whether they like it or Not , despite demonetisation or GST but Bhangies , Chamars & large percentage of Kories will Vote for Mayawati only; Muslims to SP,CPI ,bsp only; Christians to Congress only,some very weak or Timid Hindus will of course will vote for Congress owing to the fear of Emran Masood particularly from Saharanpur, Deoband ,Kairana, Shamli though Jats & Sikhs of these places & of Nagina, simboli, Sahaspur,Kanth ,Moradabad div. , ,Bijnor divn Nehtor etc will fearlessly Vote for Modi; some Tyagies of Nehtor who are getting Financial support from Congress Goon KamalNath will Vote for Congress & the Jat tyagies may go to MP as goons or Musclemen to KamalNath.

Overall Kisans are quite happy with the high price realisation of their Sugarcane crop .but as soon as Modi wins again,the Sugar mills have to weigh the Sugarcane correctly,Not as on as per old tradition of under weighing their crop easily by a few quintals, theirby Kisans are losing heavily on each truck-load/ trolly -loads/ bullock cart loads. Modi is doing right thing in improving their lot instead of giving them free . But as Gram Pradhans & Chairman’s of various municipalities exert Great influence on villages , BJP has to pay more attn to win over them& to keep a vigil on Muslim majority villages & spread of Christianity as per the Policies of Bishops Confernce of India who in turn taking directives from Vatican.