Date: 23/05/2013

VIEWS ON MAKING INDIA ONE AGAIN: (Names omittedxxxxxxxxxxx).
In my humble opinion, the best course open to India, if it ever came to pass, would be to enter into a confederation with its broken parts whereby India will take care of their external security, trade and commerce and balance of payment problems and foreign policy, in exchange for complete disarming of their all three forces, rolling back of their nuclear programme except for peaceful purposes. and taking full responsibility for their internal peace by maintain an efficient and effective police force. Other things remaining the same, no mass transfer of population. except free movement of people in connection with activities relating to commerce and trade.

There are certain precautions and preparation India can take and make when Pakistan gets unraveled and collapses which is inevitable. This was predicted way back on very first day of partition by Sage Aurobindo and now it is becoming apparent. It is far better and natural for India to reintegrate temporarily lost parts than allow the pieces of what is to day Pakistan to be picked up by likes of China or fall under United Nations administration.

1. A reverse of article 370 can be applied to liberated parts of once India now Pakistan. That is any Indian can settle and engage in trade etc in areas of erstwhile Pakistan but no Pakistani can do so in rest of India for a period of 20 years, which should be enough to wean off, neutralize hate India, hate Hindu poison .

2. Needless to say acquiring strength coupled with prosperity are essential for India to absorb prodigals. And India has done that time and again-with Huns, Sakas way back. Again needless to say none of this is possible under present dispensation prevailing in New Delhi which is only content with increasing off shore bank balances rather than strength and prosperity of India as such.

3. Pseudo secularism that permits and upholds Shariat over Constitution of India of course must go. Instead true religious freedom should be allowed to prevail in parts liberated. If a current Moslem in the then extinct Pakistan decides to become a Hindu,to come back home, to his ancestry, he or she should be not only welcomed but also be protected by state. He or his family should not be left without protection from likes of Taliban, from like of what happened to Hindus in so called 'integral part of India', Kashmir.

4. India even now, like US in past, can declare so called 'South Asia' which is actually India broken up due to machinations of colonialists and their running dogs, can declare entire area off grounds for any foreign presence. When James Monroe proclaimed his doctrine that kept European powers away from entire American continent, US was not a super power but had a mindset to be one.Mind before matter, thought before task. An India that is determined to become a super power put forward this agenda. In fact at one time similar thought was suggested to make entire area from Aden to Singapore off limits to any foreign intervention, be called as Indira Doctrine,however she stopped just bifurcating Pakistan.

However with government of India that responds to beheading of Indian soldiers with halal mutton lunch to Pakistain premier or Chicken Birityani to Chinese Premier when China intrudes into Ladakh, such plans are meant only for future hopefully near future.

5. A reunited India undoubtedly after initial hiccups will be much stronger and stable than being constantly subjected to 26/11 type attacks . More over such India can also bring upliftment , progress and development to Moslems as well there. Just look at the state of liberated Hyderabad of Nizam. The lot of Moslems there is far better than any time during obscurantist regime of Nizam. And also see the progress and development of Moslems in general in rest of India as well compared to Pakistan.It is only in India that Shias can pray in their mosques without being afraid of being bombed but not in Pakistan.

However education is very essential. While Hindu who is generous to a fault will never have any objection if some one wants to turn to Mecca to pray, separatist education,falsification of history that ascribes virtues where non existent to Moslem tyrants and suppression of truth of glory that was India before barbaric Moslem invasions must go. Instead truth be told that will make every Indian proud including those who are Moslems to day on both sides of Radcliff line but have same genes like their Hindu ancestors who gave the world all that is worthwhile in human civilization.

Thus enlightened Moslem citizens of India and eventually the liberated Moslems of Pakistan will learn to respect sacred and secular traditions of their fellow Hindu countrymen rather than stage walkout when Vandemataram is being sung.

It took unbridled unprecedented violence to divide India,it was anything but non violent but reintegration of India may most likely be far more non violent because India one nation is natural both geographically and culturally.


Reg. You write, "If tomorrow Pakistan decides to reunite with India what would be your view.??"

Pakistan will decide to join India only under TWO scenarios. The third scenario by MK ("Cuckoo") Gandhi, that our MUSLIM BROTHERS will repent, apologise and beg to come back to Akhand Bharat, is so INSANE that we can disregard it altogether. That is exactly what the old fool ("Bapu") had said when the Japanese invaded India, "Don't resist. Lie down in front of their tanks. They will kill a few, then stop, repent, apologise and GO BACK!":

1. India is prosperous and shining and Pakistanis are starving with the Taliban killing, looting, abducting and raping their females all over.

2. India is further run down by ITALIAN MAFIA, CORRUPT GOVERNMENT and the MUSLIM FIFTH COLUMN, as is happening right now.

Hindus will be non existent. All will have become secular "sheep", detached from Dharti and de-linked from Religion and each other, unwilling to defend anything but prone to run as fast as they can, leaving everything behind, as in 1947.

Pakistan in the meantime has prospered and progressed. And, encouraged and aided by the West all they will then have to do is to find a pretext, for example, KASHMIR, and then invade, inciting the Indian Muslims to revolt and fly the Islamic flag over Delhi again.

In that case the remaining Hindus will be WIPED OUT as in Lahore, Quetta, Karachi, Peshawar, North Kashmir, East Bengal and even Srinagar. Then what?

After a few years, having "digested" all the loot and plunder, finding NO Kafirs to convert or kill, they will TURN ON EACH OTHER. This is exactly what they are doing in IRAK, AFGHANISTAN and PAKISTAN.

We should know Islam perfectly well by now with hindsight going back a THOUSAND years. Therefore, if we entertain the thought of Pakistan coming back, then at first we should make sure that we are STRONG like our former British masters, to rule and DOMINATE our territory and defend our Secularism. In other words the sheep must be stronger than the pack of wolves before they open the gate of their sheepfold.

............. as Justice Katju (retd) has recently said that it is only a matter of time before Pakistan will reunite with India. If tomorrow Pakistan decides to reunite with India what would be your view.??