Date: 08/04/2019

COMMENTS RECEIVED. (see previous posting on Jallianwala Bagh Massacre & Koh-i-Noor diamond).

The views expressed in your message are very thoughtful, based on Truth. and fully I agree with your honest comments.

(1) May I add to this narrative by further comments that Sikhs are proud and brave people and are not beggers for any foolish and insincere apologies. No amount of apologies can be enough for committing Evil Crimes against Human Dignity by any oppressor, foreign or native. Its foolishness on the part of those who are begging for apologies
In the Civil Societies.the self-respecting and justice loving leaders offer Sincere apologies committed by the past governments. In the case of the Kamagata Maru incident in Canada, Sikhs did not ask for an apology. The Canadian Governments on their own apologized for the past centuries past crimes committed against Native People of Canada, The Chinese and Japanise Canadian Interned during the war, It was Conservative Government of Mr.Harper who was playing politics to woo foolish Sikhs in BC belonging to Mohan Singh Foundation to whom the Prime Minister Apologised in a Gurdwara gathering in Vancouver. This was not acceptable because the apologies to other groups were offered in the Canadian Parliament - House of Commons. It was Liberal PM Rt.Hon.Justin Trudeau who offered Sincere apology for Kama Gata Maru in the House of Commons. These apologies are not mere words but accompanied by corrective measures to teach proper history to young Canadians about those past errors of Judgements by the governments of the time. It would be foolish on the part of any Sikh for begging or even asking for an apology. Only Self Respecting, Civilised Leaders are brave enough to acknowledge the crimes against Human Dignity committed by their counterparts in previous governments.

(2) On the second point, I would pray to the Government of the UK to keep the KOH-I-NOOR right where it is now. It would be at least SAFE THERE. In India or Pakistan, the Corrupt Leaders will fight and break it into pieces, fighting among themselves, and there will be no Monkey to decide for the fighting coward cats. for a piece of the BREAD. For True Sikhs, SELF RESPECT AND NAAM ( Virtues and Commands of the Almighty Waheguru) is of utmost importance than Silly Stones. Furthermore, Britain has already taken away a lot of Sikh Literature and historical artifacts that are well preserved and made available for Sikhs all over the world in London and also occasionally arrange exhibitions around the world. A couple of years ago they brought the Sikh Raj artifacts to the Museum in Toronto for more than a month. In Punjab & India, The BAI-KAAR SEVA Babas and SGPC are playing Havoc with Sikh Virasat Buildings destroying them Brick by Brick. We have already lost many Sikh historical buildings such as 'Sirhand Dee Kandh', 'Chamkaur Dee Gharee', and many more. The Sikh Archives looted by the Government of India in 1984 attack are still missing and no account has been provided by the government. I salute the Civilised Governments of the Western Countries who preserve the history and artifacts belonging to their enemies also. Destroying Literature and artifacts of a people is considered as "GENOCIDE". The UN Charters of Rights Clearly State that "NO COUNTRY SHALL INVOKE THE EVIL OF TORTURE EVEN IF THE COUNTRY IS FALLING APART. Sikh and Minorities Suffer Tortures in Police Custody on a daily basis. Sikhs Jailed under Unjust Rules for almost three decades are still rotting in Jails. It is due to these Continues INJUSTICES AGAINST POOR MINORITIES THAT WILL BE THE CAUSE FOR THE EVENTUAL BREAK UP OFTHE LANDS Bharat-INDIA & PAKISTAN. Majority of the population is illiterate and victims of Fanaticism. and Superstitions. With the Population explosion, and Worst Pollution the people will start eating each other. and there will be a new beginning afterwards if they do not destroy each other with Nuclear weapons.