Date: 17/04/2019

Dear Veterans,

Where the electorate is well informed and well educated the choice of voting is left to the INDIVIDUAL. This is the case where EDUCATION and TRANSPARENCY are key words in elections and MEDIA are free and fearless.

But where the masses have the awareness of the CATTLE**, that can be manipulated, or driven, in any direction, where a political Party can simply surrender one third of one's country of birth (without a single condition!), where in a DEMOCRACY we see the father grooming his own daughter for his post, where even his grandson gets the "throne" automatically, and even great grandson is the serious contender for the post of prime minister simply to PERPETUATE the one dynasty rule, and where a prime minister who conceals her conversion to Islam (Maimoona Begum a,k.a. Indira Gandhi) declares Emergency, not to mobilise the nation to recover North Kashmir or Lahore and Dhaka, but to silence the opponents and thereafter launches a ferocious army assault against Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, maliciously on the occasion of a historic gurpurb (repeat of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre 65 years earlier) to maximise casualties, the conclusion ought to be crystal clear as to where to cast one's vote for peace through communal harmony, and prosperity through honest administration, eradication of corruption & scams, and even the survival of the native faiths from the aggressive Proselytism by the fanatic monolithic FOREIGN religions.

** Pandit Jawaharlal was advised to demand Referendum over Partition. He dismissed the suggestion offhand, saying, "WHO CONSULTS THE CATTLE?" So, there went our Lahore, Dhaka, Karachi and even Sri Nankana Sahib - and India's historic border suddenly dropped (to Nehru's concealed joy and Gandhi's sulking consent) from Khyber Pass down to Atari, in the middle of Punjab! What the Moguls could not do in centuries, NEHRU accomplished in one day, partitioning Bengal, Kashmir, Assam and Punjab!

The citizens, including the gallant armed forces, of our great country, renowned as the cradle of ancient civilization, neither rose as one man to DEFEND our sacred land nor have the rulers ever mentioned "Partition" from any official podium since! Wouldn't that be the "awareness of the cattle" with regard to our cherished (eternal) "Akhand Bharat" that suddenly "died" on August 15, 1947 - and NEVER mentioned again?

For All-India Congress Party it is, therefore, a matter of life and death to STICK TO POWER in order to keep that gigantic BETRAYAL of Hindusthan under wraps for as long as possible. They know more than all the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists put together that the punishment of that HIGH TREASON for Gandhi and Nehru was death!

So please choose wisely the leader who is sincere, honest, hardworking, incorruptible, impartial and has the dynamism to inspire. Above all, he should come close to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose with regard to all these qualities and genuine love of the country and people.

Your wise choice will save the country from internal upheaval and foreign aggression. Both are waiting in the wings- not to forget that Partitioned India has the largest "FIFTH COLUMN" on earth, ever ready to administer 'coup de grace' to the middle fragment of India (Bharat) in which the writer was born.


17 April 2019