Date: 17/04/2019

Dear .............

This is brilliant what you propose for new and rejuvenated Hindusthan. (see below).

There are a few more points that occur to me, e.g.,

1. Strict prohibition on conversion from a NATIVE religion (whose founders were born in Hindusthan) and the FOREIGN religions, mainly Islam and Christianity.

2. In case of a "MIXED" marriage, the Muslim groom must embrace the religion of his bride.

3. The PERMANENT and FINAL goal of the Republic, back to the frontiers of 1947 (pre-partition) needs to be enshrined.

4. All States to enjoy autonomy like the States in the USA. That is an excellent model for multi State Bharat.

5. The official name of the country ought to be "Hindusthan".

6. Native Faiths and traditions need to be preserved and strengthened.

7. Posts of Presudent, Prime Minister, State Chief Ministers, Governors, the three Chiefs of Staff, the ambassadors and high commissioners can only be held by those professing a NATIVE religion of Hindusthan.

8. Religious Education (RE) ought to be compulsory at schools as it is in England and Pakistan. In Hindusthan it is zero or distorted. Mogul era is unashamedly glorified with no mention of earlier Hindu millennia or of the Sikh Faith. Anti Hindu but pro Mogul & pro Christian social ambience is giving devastating inferiority complex to Hindu children.
From Nagaland to East Punjab churches are being built all over, and in neighbouring Nepal, that lost her Hindu Constitution by direct intervention by Nehru Dynasty, mosques are coming up like mushrooms. Bogus pseudo-secularism is robbing the natives of LAND and SOULS at a rate that threatens survival of Hindus in the “Rest of India”.

A Hindu child in Hindusthan should not be at a disadvantage as compared to Muslim and Christian children who are being indoctrinated in religion day and night.

Vague & weak Secularism (of political “eunuchs”) in Lahore was instantly wiped out by the Zeal & Force of Islam in 1947. We don’t want Delhi, too, to go the same way for having hordes of secular “midgets” but no brave HINDU warrior or proud & tall SIKH. Hence the need of religious education (RE) in schools across Bharat is vital.

18 April 2019

Modiji must bring this new constitution to both house to get it passed one way or other, no if or but.

One marriage at a time, no more than 2 children per family regardless of multiple marriages due to legal divorce.

No one without accredited Masters Degree will enter into parliament as MP. Term limit to be discussed latter.