Date: 19/04/2019

(Not for the faint hearted.)

The map of India seems disgusting and distorted. You see, I was born in that India which stretched from KHYBER PASS to CHITTAGONG and from BALTISTAN & GILGIT down to KANYAKUMARI.

At school I could draw its outline on paper with eyes closed. It was a magnificent triangle with the apex towards Sri lanka. It also seemed like a mother with arms stretched as if welcoming her children from all directions. Truly I called it “Bharat Mata” and thanked Subhash Chandra Bose for giving us the greeting “Jai Hind”!

All that changed suddenly and on one unfortunate day as I woke up. I saw the new map! The shock is still overwhelming since I have not reconciled to, or felt comfortable with, the new truncated version.

It is beyond belief that her own children, especially the top leaders, who held Bharat to ransom, holding her destiny in hand, acted so foolishly and treacherously in 1947, the year that ought to have been devoted to grand celebrations, song and dance and fireworks, and thanksgiving for sovereignty and Independence after centuries of slavery during which noble lady Hindusthan remained a slave, or a prostitute, who was forced to let in any rascal, robber or rapist but suffered silently, shedding tears of blood every night over her situation and the absence of warriors who could rescue her.

On August 15, 1947 when hundreds of thousands fleeing for safety had reached the refugee camps with millions more on the long trekk to safety, there was no grief or shame in the new prime minister who climbed the rampart of Red Fort, Delhi, and congratulated everyone on attaining Independence.

The vast crowd in front of him listened in disbelief. Among them were many wretched souls who had lost their husbands, wives, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, as well as their homes, possessions, lands, shops, jobs and businesses during the genocide in West Punjab.

Countless funeral pyres were cremating the dead with mutilated bodies and no clothes. Thousands of abducted girls and women were crying their hearts out in agony and shame, looking towards Hindusthan, and up towards God, for deliverance.

Disregarding all that grief & calamity Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was congratulating them for Independence! And what kind of a nation was it that did not turn round to ask, “What price did you charge for Lahore, you son of a bi*ch?”
Patriotism means strongly “relating” to TERRITORY and PEOPLE of one’s country of birth. TREACHERY & TREASON mean “dumping” them both. The soldier takes the Oath to DEFEND both LAND and PEOPLE till the last breath in his body. So, what example of patriotism did we see in our TOP political & religious leaders, as well as the gallant Indian armed forces, then?

Nehru was filmed by world media, and his speech appeared in all the newspapers in the country, giving him full credit for Independence.

People were so blinkered that they saw Delhi but not Lahore in maps the next day. Yet showed no reaction or revulsion, not even curiosity as to what had happened to West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal overnight!
They garlanded Nehru and Gandhi, crediting them with heroism, courage and patriotism to liberate Hindusthan from slavery after a thousand years. They thronged to Birla House in New Delhi to listen to speeches of Gandhi, and chanted “Ishwar Allah tero naam”, shouting, “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” like ignorant fools.

To us, hailing from West Punjab, it seemed surreal. We expected our leaders to explain the terms and conditions of the vast territorial surrenders, including our homes, our magnificent temples and historic gurdwaras, schools, colleges and shopping malls, farms, fields and factories.

Many were in unbearable grief, having lost our fathers, grandparents, sisters and mothers. The widows were still grieving. The little orphans were still weeping, crying for dads or mums and sisters. And yet Nehru told the jubilant crowd, ignoring the many who stood in disbelief and pain, shock and shame, “Rejoice, you are free!”
But I could hear some abusing both Gandhi and Nehru in unprintable words. They were so few, and the police were all around, looking for anyone who insulted Nehru or Gandhi.

Months, years and decades have passed. A whole human generation has gone and new one grown up, some already retired and pensioners. Yet no mention of “Partition”! No one mentions those who lived happily in Peshawar, Quetta, Karachi, Lahore and East Bengal. People have forgotten that the frontier was at Khyber Pass and Chitral and Chittagong were in India. There is no nostalgia and no shame or disgust in seeing the border at Wagah!

One billion Hindus in the sub continent do not wish to recall or record the names of all those who paid the price of our PARTIAL Independence in 1947. India must be unique among all the countries on earth in forgetting her territories surrendered unconditionally to fundamentalist Islam in utmost haste and great terror, and the millions of innocent citizens killed during the Transfer (Bifurcation) of POWER in 1947.

I end with the following scenario-
Two boxing matches took place in a city, one after the other. In one of them a boxer who received a knock-out blow fell to ground and despite desperate efforts by the medics to revive him, he died.

In the second match the boxer who got a knock-out blow fell to ground but recovered in 10 seconds and resumed the fight, to win.

Hindusthan must not be like the boxer who suddenly died (to be mourned and pitied, and condemned to breathe the stink of defeat for ever!). Bharat should be like the one who recovered from the blow, got up with the resolve to win, and WON!

Big blunders take a long time, sometimes up to two millennia, but in the end the success makes all the wait and effort worthwhile. Image, honour, pride and glory of the entire nation are restored.

The most inspiring example in this regard was set by the Jews who remained in wilderness, being persecuted, massacred, gassed and banished from homes and countries for two thousand years till at last they created the sovereign and independent State of Israel in order to live in safety, freedom and dignity.

BHARAT'S claim over the territories surrendered through fraud and treason, and under duress and unbecoming pressures in 1947, when she was pinned down by her colonial masters, is eternal.

All maps of the country ought to show both KHYBER PASS and CHITTAGONG within Bharat. The current borders with Bangladesh and Pakistan ought to be drawn with dotted lines, to indicate their temporary provisional nature.

When the crude and alien veneer put on by the barbaric Islamic invaders upon their Hindu ancestors wears off, when their ethnic & cultural background is seen at odds with the wild Arab culture & way of life, when the mismatch between the civilized Indian genes and the turbulant Arab way of life aggravates the internal tensions, and hunger, unemployment and starvation create unrest and violence, jobs become scarce, and, on the other hand they see that the Muslims in Bharat are happy and refuse to leave for Pakistan for the love of Islam, then Pakistan will IMPLODE like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, and her people (of HINDU ancestry) will desperately wish to return to Mother India (“Bharat Mata”), the cradle of civilization.

At that moment Hindusthan should be willing and ready to say to the Prodigal Son, “Welcome back!”

What else did we mean by chanting, “Akhand Bharat, AMAR RAHE!”

20 April 2019.