Date: 21/04/2019

A must read:

A Bangalore girl has written an open letter (questioning Rahul Gandhi), which is going viral on social media. She asks Rahul Gandhi himself to decide whether he can be compared with PM Narendra Modi...

"Dear Mr. Rahul Gandhi,

Millions of people follow Narendra Modi as their leader. They accept him as their role model.
How many people in our Country consider you, Rahul Gandhi, as their role model?

The Country which doesn’t want to be recognised as dynastic followers, elected Narendra Modi, but you represent the same dynasty which was rejected by the people. Apart from having a Gandhi tag, what is your achievement in any sphere of life? In fact, the masses have been deceived for too long - remind us - what exactly did you achieve?

Every year Narendra Modi, on his birthday, meets his mother and she gifts him with a copy of the Bhagvad Gita, as an indication to follow the right path.
What does your mother do?

Narendra Modi, when he entered the Parliament for the first time, touched the floor of the House, and called it "the Temple of Democracy". Do you also consider the same? Have you #ever respected the Parliament this way?

After becoming PM, when he resigned as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he donated Rs.21,00,000 of his salary amount to the Children's Education Fund, for the children of Government employees.
Have you ever contributed anything to the country Rahul?

Under PM Modi's leadership - in a span of 4 years -+ 600 terrorists have been eliminated.
How many terrorists were killed when your Government was in power?

Since Independence, more than 30% of poor people could not get a Cooking Gas connection, but in a span of 4 years Modi has given Cooking Gas connections to over 50 million people. Same on electricity supply to villages.
Why could your Congress Government not do it while in power?

Modi doesn’t entertain any family favours or nepotism, but your family has dominated the entire party and considers the party as their
personal property. Why? How did Robert Vadra get so many favours when your government was in power?

The Doklam issue did not start after PM Modi's Government came to power. It started many years ago, when your Government was in power. It's PM Modi who made the Chinese withdraw their troops.
Were you and *are you* capable of doing that?

During a span of 4 years, there isn’t one corruption case against PM Modi or his Government.
Can you show any period during over six decades (60 years) of Congress Government when there was no corruption? No!

You and your party people mock PM Modi as chaiwala. He accepts that he sold tea. We do not consider anything wrong with that and with earning an honest living.
Can you accept what you sold, and tell us if / what have you done to earn an honest living?

Narendra Modi travels to different countries for the benefit of the Nation.
Can you tell us for whose benefit do you go abroad?

PM Modi cleared OROP for soldiers, he got bulletproof jackets, helmets & other safety / professional equipment for our soldiers. What did your Government ever do for them?

He included more than 300 million people into *Jan Dhan Yojana* within 3 years. Why wasn’t it possible during your party's 10 years rule?

In order to save the girl child, PM Modi started *"Beti Bachao, Beti Padao"* Campaign.
What has the congress (you) done to save the girl child in the country Rahul?

Mr Modi started *MUDRA Life insurance* schemes, which are benefiting tens of millions of people in the Country. How many schemes did the congress bring during 10 years for benefit of the people of this Country?

Modi took a brave decision to conduct surgical strikes in Pakistan, Burma and Bhutan to protect our borders. What did your party do to protect our borders during Congress Government?

Appreciating PM Modi’s work and leadership, he was invited by US, Britain, Australia, Canada, Bhutan, Srilanka, Afghanistan, Nepal and Japan to address their Parliament. How many countries invited you when you were in Government?

In just 4 years, PM Modi became the most influential person in the World and was named *"Times Person of the World"*. You are in politics since 2004. What have you achieved so far?

Narendra Modi, in front of 22,000 people in Madison Square Garden, New York, declared that *we are not a Nation of beggars and snake charmers, but a Nation of rulers*.
Do you have the guts and spine to praise our Nation like that Rahul?

PM Modi works for 18 hours a day. He sleeps on flights to save time and money.
How many hours do you work for the country Rahul?

PM Modi has no strong political background. With sheer hard work and commitment, and dedication, he became the Prime Minister of the Country.
Are you capable of relinquishing the Gandhi tag and achieving something with your capabilities and hard work?

At the age of 18 years, Modi left his house and joined RSS, to serve the Country.
What were you doing at the age of 18 Rahul Gandhi?

Every citizen of this country would dream to achieve something like PM Modi.
How many would want to follow you and become like you?

It is *not just the Gandhi tag that is required to run this country* Rahul, but a person who can show the will and commitment to take the country forward."

(The whole nation needs to read this, so please translate and post in regional languages, too.)


Congratulations to the Bangalore girl who wrote the TRUTH to Rahul Khan (aka Gandhi) when she did not notice anyone else do so.

To her great list, please add the following:-

"Rahul, Your great grandfather accepted the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of Lahore and East Bengal that resulted in the massacre of TWO MILLION innocent citizens of Bharat. WHEN DID YOU MENTION HIS BOGUS FRAUDULENT PARTITION? And when did you recall those VICTIMS including young girls who were gang raped and converted or killed?

Your grandmother secretly married a Mohammedan** but declared herself a Hindu! She declared EMERGENCY in our DEMOCRACY to intimidate all the political critics. She manipulated the politics to gain votes by attacking the Sikhs' holiest shrine in Amritsar thereby destroying the magnificent building of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. What did she do to RECONSTRUCT the historic edifice? Can't you see what the whole of France is doing to rebuild their NOTRE DAME? By the way, when did she visit Ayodhya? If YOU don't know who was born there, then you, too, are fit to be a road sweeper, NOT the Prime Minister of Hindusthan!
** BECAUSE OF PARTITION a Mohammedan spouse for the prime minister of "Broken" Bharat was OUT OF QUESTION!

Your father took BOFORS' COMMISSION (bribe) though he was supposed to practice honesty while occupying the prime minister's chair. Don't you think that this act of corruption encouraged every Congress Party member to be totally corrupt? Why have YOU not approached the current Prime Minister of Bharat to bring the trial against your father to conclusion? Do you think Justice ought to be different for the prime minister and the ordinary labourer?

You father DEGRADED all the native girls by importing his spouse from ITALY who shuns the NATIVE religions while feeding herself on the toil of the poor of Bharat. Your father's import is still living in Bharat and LOOTING the country though she ought to have packed up and gone to Italy when the PEOPLE rejected her husband on May 21, 1991.

By the way, where is YOUR future spouse living right now? Is she a practicing Hindu, or Sikh, by Faith, or a FOREIGNER by birth, and ALIEN by religion? IF SHE IS NOT HINDU THEN YOU, TOO, MUST BE CONSIDERING THE NATIVES "CATTLE" WHO HAVE NEVER QUESTIONED OR CHALLENGED THE RELIGION OF THEIR EMPERORS, KINGS, PRESIDENTS AND PRIME MINISTERS FOR THE LAST ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Should the times, ACCORDING TO YOU, never change in stagnating, decomposing, Hindusthan?

Rahul, who should your future wife be if you are a PATRIOT and respect the SELF ESTEEM of your subjects who are 85% Hindu!."

21 April 2019