Date: 22/04/2019


why fake rafale gandhi alias raul vinci khan is keeping quiet. PL.. READ THE POSTING BELOW.

Those blaming Modi and Govt should read this... Jet Airways is one of the most well known Air service in India which has been operating since a decade. Most of us would have used Jet Airways for flight travels during the last 10 years. But here is one secret that might change your view about the company.

Jet Airways started in the year 1993 as a domestic Aircraft. But they took almost 12 years to start their international operations i.e. in the year 2004. In the year 1993, Jet Airways took just 4 flights for rent and started their commercial operations. But from 2004 the company suddenly grew big and became one of the top competitors in India and the stock market value of the Jet Airways shot up exponentially.

What really happened after 2004??

The Jet Airways expanded their business in a very short time after 2004, which raised many doubts. The Airways put a tough competition to Sahara and finally in the year 2007 they decided to overtake the Sahara Airlines. The value of Sahara Airlines in 2007 was nearly 500,000 Dollars. But the Jet decided to buy Sahara in 2008, by then the value of Sahara Airlines had collapsed to 340,000 dollars.

Later in 2008, the Jet Airways started their new venture called the Jet Lite where they claimed to provide flight service in very economical rates. In 2009, they started another company called Jet Connect with a same claim of providing cheap Air service.

But today the same Aircraft company has come to a verge of bankruptcy. The company which had nearly 300 flights and 74 destinations is today loss ridden. So what is the real reason? What happened in the last 10 years?
An investigation conducted by a Kannada Channel “Power TV” exposes the dirty truth of the Jet Airways and their secret connections with two most controversial people. Firstly let us know who is the founder of Jet Airways.
Mr Naresh Goyal is the man who started the Jet Airways in 1993.. He claimed to be an NRI who resides in London. However, his NRI status in not clear; he has changed his stance many times before claiming to a resident of Germany, Britain and even Dubai.

This man was born in Punjab and studied B.Com. He came from a very poor family and was said to be working as a clerk in a company for many years. Initially no one knew from where he got the money to invest for JET Airways. When Jet Airways was in the success run during 2004-05, Naresh Goyal’s name was highlighted in the Forbes magazine as one of the richest person in India. So, how did a man who was working as a clerk was able to invest for Airways?

Naresh Goyal today has 18 companies. Among these, 14 companies are in India and the other 4 companies are said to be registered abroad.

Before starting Jet, in 1992, Naresh Goyal started a company called Tie Winds Corporation in a country named Isle of Man which is a small Island near UK. This company is the one which controls all financial activities of the JET Airways.

But no body knows that this man had started 3 companies way back in 1970s in the name of Jet Airways. All these companies were started with just Rs 1 Lakh budget and had huge loan on them. When Goyal started Tie Wind corporation, he deliberately started it in a country which is regarded as Tax heaven. So, he did not have to reveal where he got money from and in whose name was it being operated.

In the year 1992, a man called Hasmukh Deepchand Gardi invested a huge amount in Tie Wind Corporation and become partner with Naresh Goyal. So who is this man? He was the same man whose name was revealed in Panama papers for holding fraudulent companies and cheating the country with tax evasion. It is said that he had a whopping 30 fake companies registered in his name for evading tax.

This man Hasmukh Deepchand joins as the Director of Jet Airways in 1992. But what will shock everyone is Hasmukh Deepchand was a man who has close links with underworld DON Dawood Ibrahim. So, the huge money which Deepchand earned was through extortion, kidnap, murder or even terror activities.

Was the same money invested in one of the most trusted AIRWAYS of India?

According to Power TV, Hasmukh Deepchand has over 30 companies in Panama alone, which is a tax heaven for benami account holders. The list of company includes,

Moray Trading Corportaion

Capricorn World Wide Ltd

Initiative Investment Corporation

Octagon International

Eco corp Investment

County International Investments

Afia Corportaion

Haymil INvestments

Inter Trade Business

MSM Advisors Consultants

MP International Holdings

Harrow Management Corportaion

Maritime World Trade Corportaion

Farris Corporation

UPS corporation

Onyx Service corporation

Now the question is whether JET AIRWAYS has links with Dawood Ibrahim?

In the year 2001, the issue of Jet Airways and its suspicious funding was raised in Lok Sabha. The links of Dawood Ibrahim with Jet Airways was also questioned. The then dis-investment minister Arun Shourie had made a startling claim that the investment to Jet Airways through Deepchand was not transparent. His argument lead to an investigation on Jet Airways.

The government then handed over the case to IB’s joint director Anjan Ghose. Anjan Ghose had written a letter to Joint Secretary of the Internal Security Sangeeta Gyrala clearly stating that JET AIRWAYS founder Mr Naresh Goyal had close links with the most wanted terrorist DAWOOD IBRAHIM. He mentions that Naresh Goyal has been part of many business with Dawood Ibrahim who is pumping in huge amount of money obtained from terrorist activities to JET AIRWAYS!

But within days after this explosive information was out, Anjan Ghose got transferred from IB and the entire case was suppressed.

So, the Jet Airways continued its business with illegal money. An important point to be noted is, after DeepChand many people held the position of Director in Jet Airways, and the names of all these people will surprise the country.
After 2004, the first person to be appointed as Director is none other than JAVED AKHTAR, the famous Bollywood lyricist. After him comes Khadri Mustafa Iftikar and then Ghander Ismail Ali took the position of Jet Airways.

But the 4th name who took over as Director of Jet is Pitroda Gangaram Satya. Does the name sound familiar?

YES, it is none other than Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi’s right hand man…


So, Sam Pitroda takes charge of Jet Airways as Director in the year 2004. Do not forget he is the same man whose name is heard in National Herald Scam and several other multiple money laundering cases along with SONIA GANDHI and RAHUL GANDHI.

So, Jet Airways had got huge money and investment from Dubai man, who is in close links with Dawood Ibrahim. Intelligence Bureau had filed report that Naresh Goyal was in contact with Dawood Ibrahim and finally Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s very close aide becomes the director of the same company which is said to be getting money from DAWOOD.

Now connect the dots and decide what role does Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi has to do with a company which is being said to be funded by the most wanted terrorist DAWOOD IBRAHIM.

On top of all these developments, it is now found that JET Airways has a whopping loan of Rs 17,000 crores. He is requesting the Modi government to bail him out from the loans.

Rahul Gandhi was questioning PM Modi when Vijay Mallya who had a loan dept ofRs 9000 crores before fleeing the country, but now will Rahul Gandhi answer the nation why his close associate has links with a company which is said to have been funded by Dawood Ibrahim and that owes the country Rs 17,000 crores.

Tomorrow if he flees the country, will Rahul Gandhi blame Modi government? This is not just fraud or corruption, but a massive security threat to the country in which the JET AIRWAYS, SAM PITRODA and GANDHI FAMILY is probably part of!

Now you know the real connections of the Gandhi family and his contacts!