Date: 22/04/2019


This may help you to think seriously not only for your own future but also of the future of your future generations. The time has come for you and people like you to take a pledge to serve India honestly. This is the last chance to save India from total destruction, and to make it internally and with courage, externally, socially and morally a truly strong, free and independent country where justice and equality will bring the rule of law from Kashmir to kanya Kumari and to all the Indian Islands in the Indian ocean. This will help an Indian to walk proudly in India and abroad.

The mess is due to the teachings and over dose of non violence in India and its complex problems, which have nearly destroyed her through countless invasions and betrayals for over one thousand year. The present sordid situation has been created by successive post-independence governments who failed to rule honestly and were busy saving their own chairs and status and looting the wealth of the country. This is the last chance to save India from further humiliation. After all, how long will this game of hide and seek from the real problems go on in the country?

India can be saved even today but it needs a strong desire to do this enormous , complex, complicated, convoluted task with determination. If this is not done then India is ready to become “Lebanon” or Yugoslavia or Egypt within very short period of time because of chaos, corruption, lawlessness and Islamic/ Christian evil activities leading to further division, conversion, rape, murders, loot, plunder, partition and separation like 1946- 47 .

I am mentioning a few steps which should be implemented at once in order to save India and bring unity at least among the majority (80%) of the population because India has been ruled by a foreign minority for 1235 years[1947 – 712= 1235] first by the Muslims, then by the British and now by the Congress who have turned the earlier policy of Divide and Rule into Divide and destroy/ kill (East Punjab , east Bengal , north east and Kashmir ).

If you are a patriot and have enough courage and strength in your body, mind and spirit then put the following facts before the people of India in plain and simple words. And by GOD, I tell you that victory will be yours and yours alone with absolute majority in elections. After gaining absolute majority in the elections following steps must be taken immediately:-

1) India will be called Hindusthan, the land of the Hindus from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari including our islands in Indian ocean.

2) Hinduism will be the state religion of the country but all the citizens will have equal rights to practice their faith. This will bring an end to conversion of the Hindus and the non-Hindus to Islam and Christianity.

3) All the foreign missionaries to leave the country within 14 days without exception.

4) The special status of Jammu and Kashmir to end within 100 days .

5) Assets of all the foreign missionaries will be frozen with immediate effect,

6) All the political leaders will be required to give interviews either in their own mother tongue or in the national language.

7) Students will be encouraged to wear Indian dresses in schools, colleges and universities.

8) All government employees to wear Hindusthani dress.

9) The television is destroying our culture and it must be guided, censored and controlled properly.

10) The black money must be brought back from foreign banks deposited by corrupt politicians , officers and business houses and black money in the country must be traced and collected.

See the map of the world. No country except India is secular. Turkey is secular but for name sake only. Those who call themselves secular are cowards. The declaration of India a Hindu state will bring new energy, strength, courage, determination and hope among 80% of her population. The Hindus have been denied this right for over Twelve CENTURIES, and, by God, one who declares this will become the greatest Hindu patriot of all times.

This may seem to be impossible but this can be done. At first there must be a desire to do this. This can only be done by patriot of the highest order. India has already created two Islamic states, i.e. Pakistan and Bangladesh. Then WHY can’t we declare Hindusthan a Hindu Rashtra?

What may happen to India if the above mentioned steps are not implemented?

India will remain, but the Hindus will disappear. Hinduism, Hindu civilization, Hindu culture, Hindu traditions, Hindu heritage and above all, the Hindu way of life will be gone/dead forever like Dodo, These topics will be discussed only in classrooms, libraries and lecture halls, as people at present discuss the civilization of the American and Canadian Indians.

The oldest and the greatest religion, Hinduism has been bleeding to death for over one thousand years and now needs to be treated, nursed and protected. This can be done by you and the Hindus like you.

Please be truthful to your conscience. Put your hand on your heart and think what you have just read and analyse and re-think over it.. If you are a true Hindu, I am sure you will agree with your conscience and then ask others to join you in the crusade. I tell you, all the people outside are ready to follow you. People need a leader and a true patriot. Take the decision and go ahead. victory will be yours.

Q) What a Hindu must do to day?

A) A Hindu must resolve to the followings

1. I am proud to call myself a Hindu.

2. I am a Hindu and will die as a Hindu

3. I will bring up my children as a Hindu and make sure my wife lives as a Hindu.

4. I will teach my children and young Hindu children about Hindu traditions, Hindu cultures, Hindu Heritage, Hindu civilization, Hindu history, Hindu scriptures, Hindu unity, Gita ,Ramayan and Tirukural and above all the Hindu way of life.

5. I will speak and teach my mother tongue or Hindi to my children.

6. I will actively participate in Hindu functions, Festivals and charities.

I will actively participate in political activities to defend , protect and promote good values of Hindu way of life.

7. I will actively participate to help women to be equal in society.

8. I will actively work to eradicate evil practices in Hindu community i.e. dowry and discrimination and casteism.

9. My supreme scriptures are Geeta , Ramayan and Tirukural. I have got a copy of them , I read, think of the contents and practice them fearlessly.

10. My spiritual head is SHANKARACHARYA.

11. I will respect and treat cow as my mother and ban cow slaughter immediately.

12. I will save, protect and look after Hindu assets and treasures and reclaim those scattered unlawfully in the museums and libraries of the different countries.

13. I will live as a Hindu and make sure that my husband/ wife and children value Hindu way of life.

14. I will actively work for Hindu unity and promote Hindu way of life.

15. I will try to be a useful citizen and an asset to the local community wherever I live.

16 I will follow the above which I believe will give me moral courage to stand proudly where ever I may live. This will further give me strength, hope and dignity in society. When I am strong and capable to help myself then only I will be able to help members of community and others .

17 I will work to bring back Hindus who have been taken up by Islam and Christianity.

18. Stop Hajj subsidy by Government of India introduced by Late Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1959 very quitely

The time is long overdue for us to unite for the sake of ourselves and for our children and future generation so that there will not be further humiliation of HINDUS in Hindusthan and abroad.

18. I will actively help, encourage and welcome the reconversion of Muslims/ Christians to Hinduism in Hindusthan.

Hindusthan has been under minority/foreign rule since 712 AD which in itself is a humiliating record in the world history but if we can wake up now then there is possibility to save and protect what is in our possession and there is hope for the future to rebuild great Hindusthan.

I will vote to those who will pledge to work for Hindu culture, Hindu civilization, Hindu unity, Hindu Heritage, Hindu traditions, Hindu Dharma, Hindu languages, Hindu music, Hindu arts and fine arts, Hindu classical dance,Hindu vesh-Bhusa, to establish Hindu rashtra with Hinduism as its state religion and above all who loves a Hindu way of life and has respect for our Bahu- Beti,Bharatmata,mothers and sisters, Gods, Goddesses, scriptures and great men and women.

I WILL NEVER VOTE A TINTED OR CORRUPT PERSON and defeat Congress party at local, regional and national level which has got us in this mess since independence of broken-truncated – divided- partitioned – weakened- corrupt- chaotic-Hindusthan.

Hindu must know how to be assertive without being Vindictive, active without being troublesome always on the guard to be able to differentiate between friends and enemies.

“ I want the intensity of the fanatic plus the extensity of the materialist”, said Swami Vivekanand.

Hindus should rule to dominate and dominate to rule at local, regional and national level and aggressively take part in the world affairs and give up the mentality of servant and slavery. ------ S. Sharma.

There is no leader who can unite and lead all Hindus and because of this the minorities are taking advantage and ruling over them since 8th. Century and more so since 14.8.1947. the day of partition.-