Date: 12/05/2019

Trivialising India's history ...

Thank you for this e-mail.
We, as a nation, are still not a race of stalwarts but find our patriotism subservient to the "goat's" Will of Gandhi & the "Islamic" Will of Nehru. We have accepted the unconditional surrender of Bharat Mata unconditionally!

We are not only trivialising India's history while glorifying NEHRU and the bogus "GANDHIS" but have also turned the history of our great & ancient Hindusthan upside down!

The biggest collective crime we do is to have NO breath left in our ONE BILLION bodies to demand RE-NEGOTIATION of that bogus Partition that was the greatest FRAUD on the NATIVES of Hindusthan. The political status of J & K State vide Article 370 is the small replica of that great collapse.

By the force of (Nehru's) Constitution the "handcuffed" INDIAN Hindus, including the SUPREME COMMANDER of the Indian Armed Forces (the PRESIDENT), cannot buy any property there while EVERY Kashmiri Muslim has full liberty of living and working ANYWHERE in Partitioned India. Here is a unique situation on earth where the MAJORITY community has "related" to the MUSLIM minority (since Partition!) as a mouse relates to the cat'. The sword bearing Sikhs, world-renowned defenders of "dharti", were confused while RUNNING AWAY from West Punjab in the company of the Indian Army instead of staying put in order to defend every inch of our sacred "dharti".

From President down to Peon we have lost our eyes that could see the current map of "mutilated" Bharat when compared to the one with KHYBER PASS denoting the frontier of India!

When we notice the new border at nondescript Wagah and realize the monstrosity of the territorial Surrenders without FIGHT or REFERENDUM, we shall have eyes. When we put PARTITION in school curriculum and discuss it in Lok Sabha, we shall have brains. And when we insist on FRONTIER BACK TO KHYBER, OR ALL THE MOHAMMEDANS OUT!", then we will have the guts as well as patriotism.

To see the anti Hindu INDO-ITALIAN breed, aspiring to re-capture Hindusthan, is the confirmation of our ongoing slavery.

With Modi in PM's chair, the PROSTRATE Hindu nation has sat up. If he is RE-ELECTED and a new Constitution for "Hindu Rashtra" is promulgated, the Hindu nation has STOOD UP.

Till then we remain a DEFEATED, DEGRADED nation on earth confined within bogus frontiers dictated by MOHAMMED Ali Jinnah and approved by Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten.

We, HINDUS, are still "light years" away from dominating our territory (Hindusthan), asserting our culture & "way of life" on it as the proof of real INDEPENDENCE.

"Hanooz Dilli door ast!"